Stentwood Farm in Honiton

We are a community of families and single people who have lived at the farm since 1998, drawn from many different backgrounds. Although we like to work the land and grow our own veggies, here in the heart of the Blackdown Hills, the real work is in learning to cultivate right relationships between men and women, adults and children, us and the earth. Because of the love Yahshua the Messiah has shown us, we are experiencing the regeneration of our human purpose. The fruit of this is the expression of His heart, an environment that abounds with love, compassion, and understanding, allowing us to be healed in every aspect of our being. Our desire is to see this life spread so that all who are seeking to find their "ultimate purpose" can have the opportunity to be joined to His people, where love loves, healing happens, and relationships grow deeper.

We work together in our bakery, supplying wholesome bread and baked goods to the local folk, through our markets, mail order and Tea room here, as well as health food stores in the surrounding area.

The Tea room with the log fire burning serves people from near and far a little of the menu from our Yellow Deli Restaurant, whether they drove, cycled or walked here on one of the many footpaths. The Yellow Deli is only a 15 mins drive down to Honiton. Our home also has all the usual chores of any household, but whatever we do, we love to do it together

Busy as we are, we are never too busy for you. You are always welcome to visit.

Please phone, write, or send an email to us, or just turn up.




Stentwood Farm
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United Kingdom


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