Stentwood Farm in Honiton

We are here as a little light in the darkness, just beginning to shine here in Britain, a demonstration of God's Kingdom on the earth, as a witness of the resurrection of his Son. We have been in Britain for over fifteen years now, searching for and finding those who are not satisfied with their life, who know that the life they have been living is only vanity, and who long to be able to live a new, clean life, free from the corruption they see inside of them. So we are learning to judge ourselves, and to begin to come back to being like we were created to be, to bear the likeness of our loving creator, to love like He loves. Before, we could be compared to a fruit that was rotten on the inside, and going to perish. Some of us might have looked a little shiny on the outside, others looked as rotten on the outside as they were on the inside. But when we met the light of this Kingdom coming on the earth, it was obvious how rotten we were, and we saw how we were going to perish. We received the promise of a new life and we were willing to give up our old rotten life to gain this new one. So now we live as a little community, laying down our lives daily to meet the pressing needs, and doing what we can to reach out to any who might desire to find the same hope that we have found. Now, we live a life free from the stranglehold that life in society had on us. Through daily circumstances that expose our weakness, we are learning to trust one another and be vulnerable, to share our hearts with one another and be personal. This is salvation to those of us who grew up in such a closed and hostile society, as Britain is. We are thankful that we are being healed of our hardness, that we can be as loving and compassionate as God is. Our farm here in Dunkeswell is not far from anywhere, neither is it really close to anything. Except to the sheep paddock across the fence... We live in a very beautiful place, surrounded by rolling hills and covered in a patchwork of little hedged-in fields that is typical of this region. Our little farm here has seen and needs a lot of restoration, just like our lives, which keeps us all very busy. This big old farmstead and a few acres of land affords us lots of space for the few families and other single people that make up our community. There are always a lot of things to involve our children in as we work around here. We make a living by selling wholesome breads and cakes that we make at the farm. You might see us at some of the markets in the towns and cities in this region which we attend regularly. We grow some of our own food, but we would like to eventually be growing as many of our vegetables as possible and are always trying to make steps in that direction So if you would like to get to know us a little bit better, we would love to have you come by any time for as long as you wish.


Stentwood Farm
EX14 4RW
United Kingdom


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