Sharat Finds His Purpose

You might think he had it made. He graduated from an ivy league university and was working on Wall Street. But Sharat was not satisfied.

One Hundred Times As Much

Paul's father wanted his religion to be real. He gave up farms and brought his family into an abundant life of one hundred times as much.

One Short Life

Netsach reminds us to think twice about our life and where it's going.  Because we only get one chance, and when that chance is gone, you can't get it back.

If They Care For The Flowers

Ruhamah came to the community in our beginnings.  A simple message was spoken to her heart, that if they take care of the flowers, they would take care of her, too.

Volunteering on our Farms

Evan met us volunteering on the Morning Star Ranch in California. Now he lives on the Bear Creek Farm in Marshall, Michigan and heads up the farm there.

When the Corn Moon Glows

A play about the Plymouth Separatists and the first Thanksgiving. First performed by the Community in Plymouth in November 2022.

The Separatists were radicals.  They were not the dogmatic Puritans who wanted to purify the Church of England, which itself was an attempt to reform the Catholic church.  No, these Separatists had a fire in their heart to follow the pattern of the primitive church in the book of Acts.  Though short-lived, their attempt at Plymouth Plantation is inspiring to us, and we hope to you as well.

The Gospel of the Kingdom - How Can I Know God's Purpose For My Life?

As a Christian with my own online "ministry", I never had peace when I would read the haunting words: "many shall say to me, did we not do these mighty works in your name? And I will say to them, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness." Mt 7:21. How could I truly know I wasn't part of those many?

This made me very needy, and caused me to cry out to God continually with all my heart. Eventually, He led me to a people who were not only able to explain the Bible to me, but actually had the life, the REALITY of what is in the scriptures.

My Journey through Christianity to the Communities of the Twelve Tribes

During my journey, the more I searched through different forms of Christianity the more confused I got. How could the "church" be so divided when the first church started so united? The love and unity of the Body of Christ is the mark of true believers. The container for his Spirit is a special nation.

Growing Up in the Twelve Tribes

Yoshiyah and Elad are two young men who grew up in the Twelve Tribes and now have families of their own.

How Do You Give Your Life to God?

Yonadab dropped out of high-school, joined the navy, but I always knew there was a God. He led me away from some of the foolish, stupid things I did, and into the Body of Messiah.

How I Ended Up Volunteering at the Yellow Deli

Hakam Zerubbabel describes his journey as an Asian-American through college, Help-X, and onwards to the Yellow Deli in Oneonta, where he became a disciple.

What Does it Mean to be Born Again?

Sakar had difficult questions, finding some answers but even more questions, like "He who wishes to keep his life will lose it, but if you lose your life for my sake, you'll find life eternal". But how do you do it?

Finding God's Will for my life

Bob, known as Nahaliel in our communities, was a missionary kid in Brazil, growing up, going to college, and then finding God's will for his life. He is now living out the choice he made in his 20's, that is, to become a wholehearted disciple of Yahshua.

How I found the people of God over 50 years ago

I was born ten years after the end of World War II in a small, hot, and dusty town in the interior semi-arid lands of Northeast Brazil. When I was six I was sent away from home to a missionary school in a city on the coast where I spent the school year away from my parents. My parents were dutiful Baptist missionaries who thought I needed an excellent education, and thought that the sacrifice was necessary.

How the Twelve Tribes Were Formed

Hakam and Nahaliel describe their beginnings in the Jesus Movement and how they found true salvation in the Twelve Tribes communities. They describe what was missing in other churches and what existed in the communities, was spiritual authority demonstrated in servanthood.

How does one give up all their possessions for the Kingdom of God?

Disciples of Yahshua obey all of His commands, including what he said about physical thing

A History of the Yellow Deli

David Jones (David Yonah) came to the first Yellow Deli in 1973.

Ruth Grew Up Christian But Didn't See the Love

Ruth gives her testimony of growing up Christian, not seeing the love that was supposed to

What about heaven and hell? Did you know there are Three Eternal Destinies

Nahaliel and Hakam discuss the foundational understanding of The Three Eternal Destinies.