Three Eternal Destinies of Man


Christians have been preaching about heaven and hell for almost
two thousand years. But for those same two thousand years,
thoughtful people have struggled with another perplexing
“What about the millions who never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ? Are they all going to hell?”

There are many “pat” answers to this question from the great
Christian thinkers, following their well-worn doctrinal paths.
But these answers fail to bring peace to the conscience of many
sensitive people. A person’s innate sense of a just and
loving Creator cannot be easily reconciled with the view that He
arbitrarily condemns all who died without accepting Christ to
eternal torment.

We who write this paper have discovered that the Bible presents many profound contradictions to the “pat” answers that most of us have heard all our lives. We hope you will take the time to read and seriously consider what is in this paper. It will change your life.

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