The Man


This paper is a collection of articles written over the last several years.

The topic of them all is The Man.These articles bring to life the most difficult thing to imagine in the whole universe, mainly “How would God act if He were a man?” Lots of people think they know the answer, but we were never satisfied with what was offered.

Who is The Man? He's the most loving person to ever walk the earth, the greatest friend that ever lived. The little children in his day instinctively knew that he was the kindest, and the best. Most people today would call him Jesus Christ, but we know him by his Hebrew name Yahshua,* which means “God is powerful to save.”

What sort of people did he come to help? The ones who know that there has to be more to this life than any-thing the world has to offer, people who long for a second chance to star tall over, to have a fresh new start, anew beginning, a new breath of life and the power to love. When we heard about this Yahshua, and that he loved us, we heard it from a people who were actually living together and loving one another. That really affected us.Some of us gave up everything we had and moved right in, others it took us years to even come around.

But one thing we all had in common,whether we knew what to call it or not.We were longing for forgiveness. We wanted peace with “God,” whoever that was. We wanted to know the purpose for our lives, what we were created for.We were actually starving for authority in our lives, and to know what the author of our lives had in mind for us.These things all seem so clear to us now, but at that time, we had no idea what was “wrong” with us. And really,neither did anyone else.

We have no idea who gets these papers when we hand them out, but as a people we always pray to our God that they would get into the hands of those who have the same heart as ours.We are a very faulty people, but we hope to be a people who are loyal to the one who gave up everything he had because he saw our need.

Our need was love. And if one word could explain what The Man is all about,it would be just that… love. 

We hope you enjoy reading this paper.

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