Community in Winnipeg

The Community in Winnipeg was established in 1993 after relocating from Nova Scotia, where we began in 1983. We now own two homes in an area called Armstrong Point, where we are surrounded by a beautiful river on two sides. There are more than 60 of us including children. In St-Boniface, we operate a machine shop a deli and a wholsome food store. We also have a farm in Winnipeg called "Little Mountain Farm". We were the first of many communities to be gathered in different localities across Canada. Through our common life together, we are learning how people from different backgrounds and cultures can actually live together in perfect unity. The faith we live by was perfectly expressed by our Master Yahshua, the Messiah. We believe in Him, and it is His Spirit that teaches us to overcome our selfish ways and to love and forgive each other. We have a hope that does not disappoint, because we are part of a new holy nation - the restored twelve tribes of Israel - that will usher in the rule of Messiah on the earth - the true New Age. You are welcome to visit us any time.


89 East Gate
Winnipeg MB R3C2C2



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