Community in Warsaw

In the summer of 1998, three families from our former community in St. Joseph, Missouri moved to Warsaw to establish a home in this restful, small town overlooking the Osage River, just below the 55,000 acre Truman Reservoir in central Missouri. Since that time, other families and single people have joined them. About 35 of us are living together in three houses, side by side, on about 5 acres of land beside Hwy 7.

In addition to these houses, we own a Yellow Deli building downtown. It was a historic two-story brick hotel on Main Street, facing the courthouse with the Osage River behind it. It was in much need of repair and before we opening a cafe and store, we improved it structurally and mechanically with significant renovations. Now we have transformed it into a 24-hour Yellow Deli, so you can find a yellow light house on Main Street, open all night long!

The central aspect of our life together is our faith in Yahshua, God's Messiah. We have forsaken our former lives in this decaying society to follow Him, in His community. We no longer live for ourselves, but we serve one another and our Master Yahshua night and day, helping to establish His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. We gather every morning and evening to share our hearts and sing, worshipping the One who died to set us free from sin and death. It is only by the grace of His Spirit dwelling in our hearts that we can love one another and forgive each other, remaining together. We are being restored to be a nation of twelve tribes as we grow in this love. The good fruit of love and unity in a people who dwell together in peace will be the living witness that God really did send His Son and that He loves us (John 17:20-23).

We welcome visitors and would love to correspond with those who are interested in our life together.


1130 Lay Ave
Warsaw, MO 65355
United States


(660) 438-4481

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