The Community in Vista

Welcome to the beehive! The Community in Vista is bustling with activity round the clock these days, as the focus and heartbeat of our community is our 24-hour Yellow Deli in downtown Vista. That's the best place to find us during the week. The Yellow Deli has become very popular in North San Diego County since we opened on Valentine's Day in 2010. People from all walks of life, every nationality, and all ages come and enjoy our steamed sandwiches, fresh salads and delicious desserts, all made with love. There is nothing on earth quite like the Yellow Deli. It is a place where we can all work together on common ground. Every person and position is vitally necessary. What would we do without the dishwasher, or sandwich maker, or the bakers, or the drink-bar girl, or the host? It is like our human body, where every member is vitally important. This is the essence of our life together in the Community -- the Body of Messiah -- everyone is necessary and needed in every way. No one is overlooked or unimportant. This is where we come to know the love of God, through our brothers and sisters, as we all give all we have to love and care for one another and for those who come to visit our homes and our delis. We also have a productive little woodshop near the deli, where fathers and sons, and many brothers work together doing small jobs for local folks and where we have many building projects for our community. At home during the week, it tends to be pretty quiet, except for our little landscaping/sexton crew who are always fixing things up, and a few women caring for different household needs. One of our homes is actually another little beehive of activity -- this is where we home school our children. We have the most wonderful devoted teachers working together to invest in our precious children. We have a pretty thorough curriculum that we have developed over the years, which seems to challenge and stimulate our children causing them to learn and grow. As with every other aspect of our life, we are constantly striving to increase in what we offer our children to prepare them for their adult life. Though we enjoy our farm in Valley Center, just 18 miles away, we can't help but keep a small herd of goats on our property in Vista, along with a wonderful little flock of chickens. Our little barnyard friends supply us with plenty of delicious goat's milk and fresh organic eggs. The high point of our life is our morning and evening gatherings, where we all gather in a circle and share our hearts, songs, dancing and prayers. Afterwards, we share a meal together with gladness and sincerity of heart. On Friday afternoon, we close the deli at 3pm. Then we gather at 6pm in our homes for a special Sabbath Eve celebration. This is an especially wonderful time for people to come and get to know us, as we are all home and available for fellowship. There is always lots of good sharing of hearts, a special meal, and festive dancing. We would be very honored for you to come!



2683 Foothill Drive
Vista, CA 92084
United States



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