Community in Plymouth

The establishment of our Community in Plymouth came about through the purchase of a very large, old building downtown in the center of the historic district, the area where the Pilgrims first settled. We had the building over the winter months of '99, and then a few weeks before July 4th we decided to fix up a small part of it and display the furniture we made out of the shelving of the Sears Landmark building in Boston as well as some of our other products. There is a big parade on this holiday in Plymouth and we wanted to be open for hospitality to greet the many tourists who come to this town to see where the Pilgrims first settled so long ago. So we painted, made furniture displays, decorated, made refreshments and opened our doors to see what would happen. The response was overwhelming. Many people came in that day and started buying our furniture and thus our Common Sense Store began and it has grown over the following years. We expanded to include a Wholesome Food Market and we now have a bakery around the corner and will have a cafe in the near future. We purchased a wonderful old house here in town that was built by a family who owned and operated woolen mills in the early 1900s. It was later sold and turned into a nursing home and our construction crew painstakingly restored it. the bakery is housed in a house built in 1838 (the land was originally owned by John Cooke who came over on the Mayflower). We are excited about being here in Plymouth and the many opportunities we have daily to meet people who come here from all over the world. We look forward to what our God has in store for us as we dwell here and serve each other daily, living a life of commitment to one another because of the love our Creator has put in our hearts. Our homes and hearts are open to visitors and you are welcome to come and see the life of love we experience. Our desire is that all who are sincere will want to come and experience this life, too. Come for a day or to stay... Please visit our cafe: The Blue Blinds Bakery


35 Warren Ave
Plymouth, MA 02360
United States


(508) 747-5338