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In January, 2016 we moved to the Fieldstone Orchard farm just south of Lawrence, Kansas. This amazing farm is 150 acres with nearly 2,000 fruit trees and berry bushes, orchards, ponds, pecan grove, pastures, fields, woods, three house for the disciples to live in, three greenhouses to grow lots of vegetables, cows, chickens, sheep and goats. We hope to have a farm stand open soon right on the property. There is much work to do here to restore and to maintain the gardens and land and prune the trees so that they bear the most abundant fruit. Our community works hard together to make a life like it talks about in the Bible in Acts 2:44. We share all things in common because we love one another as the Bible commands. We love to have guests. Please come visit!


7049 E 149th Street
Overbrook, KS 66524
United States



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