Community in Oak Hill

The Journey's End Farm is a 100-acre farm that forms the nucleus of the community in Oak Hill. In the fall of 1997 a couple of families moved here from urban Boston with the vision of raising children in a normal, healthy environment. We wanted our children to be able to work hard and be connected to the land as human beings were intended to from the beginning. An organic garden and a small collection of cows, goats, and chickens provide the catalyst for teaching our children respect for every living thing our Creator made. We live in three houses on the farm property. In the future we plan to build a lodge for year-round festivals and celebrations, all part of the rich life we receive when we forsake our self-centered existence to live for others like our Master Yahshua did. We run a nice deli where you can come and get to know us, or just get a nice meal.


Route 81
Box 81A
Oak Hill, NY 12460
United States


(518) 239-8287

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