Morning Star Ranch

The entrance of the Morning Star Ranch is lined with palm trees, leading you through the persimmon orchard where the cows graze, past the goats and chickens, to our red barn-shaped houses where you will find us busily cleaning, cooking, sewing, teaching our children and watching the little ones, and washing the dishes. The road continues up the steep hill into the avocado grove where you will find the men working together under the trees or in the packing house, sorting fruit for the market. You will find people from many different backgrounds and nationalities here sharing our home, all serving the same God with the same faith, in lasting friendships. In this new life the cultural barriers are being broken down. As the long-established cultures of the earth are being left behind for the self-gratification of "Western culture," a brand new culture is emerging. Our common faith in the God of Abraham has brought us together to accomplish His work of restoration. The restoration of all things begins with this restoration of human relationships. What relationships are more important than those between men and women, parents and children? We see the breakdown of these fundamental relationships at the root of what is causing the societies of the earth to crumble. We are beginning to understand how selfishness is the cause of these breakdowns. So we are learning that the key to living with one another in harmony is in putting our focus on the needs of others over our own needs. When we all live that way it creates community. Here on the Morning Star Ranch, our children are growing up with us, giving their strength to help us build a life where people are cared for and can live in peace, learning the ways of our Creator. Sounds idyllic? It's true that many have had the concept of wonderful community life where no one is left out and everyone does his share, but oh, how hard to realize the dream. We are not writing about visions and concepts, but about the reality of our daily life - the life we've been living for decades. You could say we have the "conceptual reality" of what many have dreamed of. While our life is a joy to us, it's not as if our problems are swept away by a magic wand. Its sometimes painful and difficult, as it takes courage to be a human being, especially one who cares. We are learning to forbear, to forgive, and to be real. And after all these years we're not tired or worn out, but we're increasing. It's a miracle that we can live together. We need our Master Yahshua (the one called "Jesus Christ" in most English Bibles) to do it, as His love is what makes it possible. We would love to share our life with you. You can drop by on Friday night when we end our working week by bringing in the Sabbath with a festive meal, Israeli folk dancing, and singing with our whole hearts to the One who made us. Or come as a willing worker (a WWOOFer). The gates of Morning Star Ranch are always open. The hardworking farmers there would love to share their insights into this abundant life we have found. Please come and see us! Where we Are We are located in southern California east of Oceanside off of I-15, about two hours south of Los Angeles or 45 minutes north of San Diego. Please call us if you need more complete directions.


12458 Keys Creek Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
United States



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