Bear Creek Farm

The Bear Creek Farm in Marshall, Michigan was started in 2015. It is a beautiful place to live and work. The rolling hills are nice places to take walks. We want it to be a place where God can set the lonely in families, and lead out the prisoners of this selfish world into a place of love.

Bear Creek Farm gets its name from the Bear Creek which runs right alongside our driveway. The large garden and greenhouse supplies us with lots of healthy food. This summer, we canned many fruits and vegetables, and even in the winter, many of our meals are made with food produced on the farm. The children enjoy learning to care for the animals. In our little henhouse is the flock of happy chickens. We have finished clearing the back fields, and we have much vision for this area. Soon, we want to put up a fence to keep out the deer. Cows and goats will pasture back there, and we will plant an orchard of fruit trees.

We want to restore the majestic barn and make it a lodge for festivals and weddings, with a large fireplace and open ceilings. We run a farm stand by the road, so that we can meet our neighbors and sell our excess vegetables. Flower gardens bring constant blooming and happiness in the summer. We are about 90 minutes from Lake Michigan to the east, and 90 minutes from Detroit to the west.

We hope you will come and visit us at the Bear Creek Farm. You can spend a little time with us, doing what we do here.


15230 C-Drive North
Marshall, MI 49068
United States



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