Community in Campo Largo

Our Community in Campo Largo was established after finding our current farm for sale while living in a rented house in downtown Curitiba. We had been established in the area of ​​Curitiba since 1997 when a group of us were sent from our community in Londrina to find a place in the vicinity of the state capital, Curitiba. We settled close to the small town of Quatro Barras, about 30km north of Curitiba, but after a few years realized we were still too far from the people of the city, the people we wanted to meet and share our life with. Therefore, we sold our property in Quatro Barras and rented a house in a neighborhood in Curitiba. During this time we started Tribal Brasil, our company that exports organic Yerba Mate and other Brazilian products. Our communities around the world quickly adopted this healthy drink, also reselling it through our label The Mate Factor. We soon saw potential in the local market and for the first time were able to support ourselves in the difficult Brazilian economy without aid from our sister communities in other countries. It wasn't long before we were in need of a place to have our warehouse and production, as the demand for our mate was increasing. That is when we started looking for a suitable property, and were led by a friend to this farm. There was nothing on the farm when we arrived, but there was water and land suitable for growing fruit trees and Yerba Mate. We have managed to build several houses as well as our mate drying and processing facility. We are currently around 100 people, engaging in several activities including of course, yerba mate production, and farming, but our main focus continues to be finding those who are willing to serve their Creator. We are easily accessible, being right off of one of the main highways that go from Curitiba to the interior, and welcome any who wish to know more about us and the purpose we are living for. Come for a day, or to stay. You can email us at: Also see our Brazillian website.


Rodovia do Café (BR-277), Km 107,5
Campo Largo-PR


(55) 41-3555-2393

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