What is Truth?

Jun 29, 2022

What is Truth?

Truth is not just an accumulation of facts. Truth is a spirit. Those facts without the Truth will lead you somewhere. They will lead you to be alone and convinced of your own rightness. But the Truth will lead you to be together with those who are also being led by that spirit. And not just together, but in one accord, of one mind, of one heart and one way, of a common essence, allied with a common cause and purpose.

Look around. The effect of mankind on the earth seems to have brought it to the brink of destruction, and the human race to deep corruption. Some point to selfish human nature. Some point to outright conspiracy. But at best, all the conspiracy theories are just a collection of facts. We’re not interested in conspiracy theories; we know there is a conspiracy.

The age-old war between good and evil is at a critical stage. It’s obvious to any. But the battleground might not be so readily apparent. The battleground is deep within the human soul.

Truth is a life-giving spirit. It’s hopeful, it’s encouraging. It’s not hopeless and bleak, like a mere collection of facts can be. Truth is eternal. The truth is, you are God’s highest thought. When He created you, He couldn’t have imagined anything greater. He didn’t make you like some animal. He made you as a vivid representation of His own image.1

He made you to be bonded together in fellowship with all the rest of those made in His image. What’s special about you is that He made you with a spirit compatible with His. Together with others like you, you would be the eternal dwelling place of His Spirit.2 That’s what you were created for. And it’s what we were redeemed for.

As a highly sensitive spiritual creature, you were also made to be compatible, not with just the Spirit of your Maker, but also with any spirit in the whole spiritual realm. And so it is upon these grounds that we find the great conspiracy. Just as our Creator desires to make a home in us, so too does the Evil One.

Truth is pure, and can only dwell in a pure vessel.3 That’s why it is so rare to come upon the truth. But it’s no problem for any unclean spirit to fill an unclean vessel.  The lie presents itself as the truth, but it is divisive and leaves you isolated and alone.   Ultimately it’s destructive and disastrous.

We know the whole world lies under the sway of the evil one.4 It always has, ever since the garden when man first bought into the lie. No longer pure, we found ourselves as unfit vessels for the spirit of Truth, and very susceptible to the influence of fallen spirits. This is the great conspiracy - to turn God’s intended dwelling place into a playground for calamity.

Consider this great deception – self-actualization, self-realization, self-reliance, self-motivation, higher-self… it all seems so noble and good, but notice how it all boils down to self. These qualities of self are not so overtly evil, like self-righteousness, self-seeking, self-centeredness, and just plain old selfishness… that’s why it’s so deceptive. It’s all about self. But what about others? What about soul-satisfying relationships? Truth brings people together and is saturated with purpose.

Ever since man opted for the tree of knowledge rather than the tree of life, the fallen spirits have had their way with man, all the way to the point of forgetting their eternal nature and eternal purpose. People resorted to living for themselves rather than for their Creator and their fellow man. The result is an endless pursuit of pleasure and self-satisfaction, never reaching the fulfillment their soul was created for.

But the truth is, God made a way for us to be restored to our eternal purpose, and to satisfy the deepest yearnings of the soul. This is the purpose of Yahshua’s sacrifice – not so we could just go to heaven when we die, but so that we would be brought back to our created purpose – that our Creator would have a home in us to dwell in for all eternity.6 In us He would establish a whole new culture upon the earth,7 in place of this era of selfishness and greed. As His kingdom comes to earth as it is in heaven, the whole world will see a foretaste of the quality of life that was always meant to fill the universe forever.8

That's the Way, the Truth, and the Life that Yahshua came to bring to those who follow Him,9 setting them free from the insatiable deception of living for themselves,10 and restoring them to fellowship with the life-giving spirit of Truth. This Spirit, which draws us to be together and believe together, in deed and in truth,11 is alive in vibrant communities with real addresses and real homes, all around the world.

Together, by this Spirit, progressively overcoming our selfish ways, we are building the eternal bonds that truly satisfy the deepest longings of the human soul, as we learn to not just live with one another, but for one another, and the One who made us.  These bonds will be the chain that will bind the Evil One so he can be dealt with, making way for this brand new culture to break forth upon the earth, bringing an end to evil once and for all.

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