Why She Didn't Fly - Jesus Movement of the 70's, Part 2


In 1971, Look magazine proclaimed, “Jesus is rising in California!” The Jesus Movement, as it was called, was heralded as the beginning of a radical shift in the hearts of America’s young people towards God. Thousands of young people were heeding the call to, “Get high on Jesus” as they flocked into the Pacific Ocean seeking forgiveness and a new life in Christ. These were electrifying times that left a deep, indelible impression in the memories of all who experienced them.

What happened to the Jesus Movement? Where is it today? Did it ever really get off the ground? Did it fly? Although it began with much zeal and enthusiasm, it soon lost momentum, and many found themselves right back where they started, wondering why they hadn’t been able to take flight and ride the heights of the Earth. Most have gone on with their lives, settling back into a system they once hoped to change.

This freepaper contains a very important message for both the veterans of the original Movement and those who are hoping to rekindle that same excitement in this generation. For those who are embarking on the exciting journey of revival, we hope what we have written can help you to benefit from the past, to learn from the experiences of those who were just like you 30 years ago, with high hopes of making a difference. We sincerely want you to find the hope that doesn’t disappoint.

For you who thirty years ago were caught up in the excitement of the Jesus Movement and longed for something new, but now wonder whether life short-changed you, or where you took a wrong turn, we hope what we have written will rekindle a hope in you to actually find the abundant life that Jesus promised all those who trust in Him.

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