Victory Dance


A n o t h e r a g e… waiting for us somewhere in the future, where people are living out their full potential, receiving the fullness of creation — a magnificent, explosive expression of the human soul in all of its true depth and beauty, a vibrant and eternally invigorating reality, satisfying the deepest longings of the human heart, where every cell in our bodies is completely awakened, our minds are fully opened, and our souls are released from the bondage of oppression.

The collective creativity flows like a lucid stream through the once-dormant chambers of our minds, unlocking all that was hidden, all that had yet to be revealed. The earth is now filled with love, joy, peace, and unity — oneness with our Creator. You can feel the tribal drums pulsating through the very heart of the earth as people gather to play music and dance. Your senses are all in tune as you breathe in the warm summer air. As you are walking, the resonant vibrations of the drumbeat become stronger, closer, clearer… The sun is setting and you are alert, excited, and fully engaged in the present as you approach the evening celebration.

There you see it: the dance… that dance… the victory dance... the great victory of humanity that all the seekers desired. But victory over what?
Victory over evil, over oppression, over the dominant sway of Satan and his fallen spirits who have ruled the earth and conquered the souls of countless human beings over the course of thousands of years. He had victory over them, but humanity needs to have victory over him.

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