Rise of Colossus


Are you interested in prophecy about the end of the world?

For a long time, movies with thrilling plots about the end of the world have successfully entertained and even scared a lot of viewers. But still, it’s just entertainment.  Life goes on… to somewhere.

And it’s not just the entertainment media that has made a lot of money from this subject. Preachers stir up a lot of business with their books and even their movies. But once the show is over, it’s out the theater or seminar door, but to where?  For most of us, it’s just back to business as usual, making a living and hopefully finding some pleasure along the way. Yet the world is surely headed somewhere, and even if you don’t like its direction, you’re still a part of it. There is no hope of getting off the planet. Wherever the world is headed, you’re going with it.

Regardless of all the sensationalism and the hucksters out for gain, there are legitimate prophecies in the Bible written by men of character and dignity. One such man is Daniel, a prophet who lived some 2500 years ago. He was a Jew who lived the majority of his life in Babylon. It is in his book that the clearest prophecies of the end can be found. Yet even he was not allowed by God to understand how or
when these prophecies would come about. The last chapter of the book of Daniel says, “The words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.”

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