The Last Day


A Voice from Outside the Camp of Organized Religion

This voice is one of hope and vision, inspired by the words of the powerful Hebrew prophets of old. Ancient Israel depended upon these prophets to predict events of the near and distant future — both in their nation and in the nations surrounding them. History has proven that their predictions have come true at their appointed times.

But some of their most startling prophecies centered on what will happen in the last days of this age, right up until the LAST DAY, when the Messiah will usher in the new age — His rule on earth. God has sworn that He will not do anything without revealing it first through the voice of his prophets. Their prophecies will reveal what is going to happen to all mankind before the end comes. Unlike men
like Nostradamus, whose predictions have often disappointed many, these Hebrew prophets have a track record that will not disappoint you.

Many predictions made by ancient prophets like Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Malachi, and even John the Baptist have been sealed until the time of the end. In other words, their true meaning cannot be grasped until it is spiritually revealed in the last days. For this reason, these prophecies have been misunderstood, misapplied, and manipulated for centuries.  But now the LAST DAY is on the horizon and things are becoming more clear.

We hope that what you read on the following pages will open up the eyes of your heart to understand the times we are living in, so that you may begin to comprehend the events that must take place in your lifetime. We hope you will begin to understand the TRUTH of these prophecies, a truth that cuts through the confusion of the times we live in.  We hope you will see the great significance in all that is happening. If you heed this voice, the fog will clear and the
entrance will emerge to a barely-worn ancient pathway. Then you will be able to follow your heart and even become a part of this voice. With the guiding light of the King of Kings everything will begin to make sense. Then the end will not come upon you by sudden surprise — like a thief in the night — as many fear. But with great expectation you can greet the coming of THE LAST DAY!

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