Got Enlightenment?


Isn’t there a connection between the spiritual and the physical realm?

If someone has found enlightenment, wouldn’t you expect his life to be different – full of love and wisdom? Wouldn’t you expect something more
than just lofty words and the same dark life?

Would a truly enlightened person be selfish, or self-absorbed? Or would he have the power to love, even to love the unlovable? Could he overcome his dark, hidden, selfish desires before he hurt others? Or would he leave a trail of wounded hearts, ruined relationships, and broken promises behind him?

Why settle for something less than true light, the true light that ought to enlighten every man? If someone had it, you’d better believe he wouldn’t
be alone – there’d be others around him, sharing in the same light, walking in the same light and displaying the inevitable effect of true enlightenment

This paper is dedicated to the seekers of true enlightenment, who are not satisfied with the status quo, whether mainstream or alternative.
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