Fatal Flaw of Man - Why Can't Man Just Get Along?


From the big box retail stores in suburbia to the new mega-churches that are beginning to dot the American landscape, from the barroom to the ballroom, from sea to shining sea, regardless of race, color, age, national origin, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation, everyone is riddled with one common flaw — they simply can’t get along.

Say what you want, mankind is fatally flawed. Regardless of the complex legal notices that appear in the waiting rooms of employers, immense affirmative-action litigation, silky words by politicians, and clever excuses by the religious clergy, division still reigns as the champion over the race of man. So why can’t people get along?

Though a great deal of energy and thought has been given to passing legislation that will curb people’s natural tendencies to discriminate, it doesn’t
deal with the root of the problem. You might smile and greet someone at the workplace, while inwardly scowling at him. This kind of repressive behavioral control doesn’t help people get along; in fact, it causes them to despise each other for the restraint of external control. In reality, repressing their true feelings about others is a way of life.

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