Christian Dissenter "Seminary Plot"


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THEY CALL SCHOOLS WHERE THEY TRAIN PASTORS AND PREACHERS SEMINARIES? Why don’t they just call them preacher schools, or pastor colleges, or something of the like?  Why, of all words, seminary? What really happens in those places that they would take on such a name? That really stirs a question in my mind.

You can see the root word semen in seminary, which always pertains to seeds. Where do you grow seeds? In a seed plot.  WHAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF GROWING SEEDS, ANYWAY? Seeds are grown in a plot in order to produce a plant that can be planted somewhere outside of that plot, in some pre-planned place, with a view to producing thousands of seeds of the same kind as the original plant. There is a definite plan, purpose, scheme, or plot involved in nursing those seeds to transplanting size.

According to the fourth definition of the word seminary in The American College Dictionary, it means: a place of origin and development. So if a seminary is a place of origin and development, what is it that is given birth to, or originated there, and what is it that is being developed? More
importantly, why is all this being done? Have you noticed seminary students when they go in and when they come out? There is a marked difference in their demeanor. Why?

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