In the darkness of the night, in his huge, elaborately decorated bed chamber, the mighty king tossed restlessly to and fro in his lavish bed. He was dreaming a terrifying dream. In his mind's eye, King Nebuchadnezzar stood gazing at a great and tall statue with extraordinary splendor which was standing before him. He was filled with awe, for never had he seen such a sight. Somehow he realized that this statue had monumental significance. The head was made of gold, the chest of silver, the belly and thighs of bronze, the 'legs of iron, and the feet and toes were partly of iron and partly of clay.

The king kept staring at this statue with wonder. Then suddenly a great stone, which had been cut out of a mountain, hewn out without human hands, came plummeting toward the statue with great momentum. The stone struck the statue on the feet of iron and clay, crushing them,and causing the entire statue to come crashing to the earth. It fell with such force that all the precious metals were smashed to powder at once, leaving. this awesome statue like chaff on the threshing floor. A strong wind came and blew away the last remains of its dust so that not a trace of the statue could be found.

But then, before his eyes the king saw this stone, which had just destroyed the statue, grow to be a gigantic mountain which filled the whole earth.  With terror, the great king awoke from his dream.

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