Common Ground Bakery at Picton

The Woolshed (aka The Razorback Inn) is situated just 5 minutes north of the historic town of Picton, and more importantly, just 5 minutes south from our wonderful friends in the Community at Peppercorn Creek Farm. Like a swarm of bees, we flew a few kilometres down the rolling hills of Remembrance Drive to establish a place just like the one we had left... where people could come and find a home, a family, a place to belong. Where they could be needed, loved, and taken care of, just as we had been. We are a young established community of five families with children, and half a dozen single people who, together, cover the many needs of the baking industry, as well as caring for the daily needs of the household and the children at home. We are not many to meet so many needs, but this is teaching us to be flexible and to love one another in the midst of varying pressures, and most of all, to trust in our God who cares for us. In so many ways we see how our life together is perfectly designed by our God, not only to teach us invaluable lessons, but to heal and restore us back to being real human beings, who reflect the goodness and faithfulness of our wonderful Creator. We are grateful to join together with our Community at Peppercorn Creek Farm and work together as one - along with our Twelve Tribe communities around the world - to be a demonstration of the love and unity that our Master Yahshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus) gave His life to bring about. Our home is open to any who desire to see the life we live. That is the reason we are here... So, there is always room for more, just come and see!


1580 Remembrance Drive
Picton NSW 2571


(02) 4677-0600

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