As I watched the unthinkable horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon unfold, I found myself thinking back to the previous night’s much smaller, yet still significant terrorist attack on our home in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
An Explanation for our Way of Life
As investigators sifted through the wreckage — what little was left — colleagues, family, and friends were left to wonder: What caused Young to guide his airplane right into the ocean at more than 600 mph? The answer was both profoundly unsettling and all too familiar.
There is a principle of the evil one at work in this present western society. We call it Leveling. Though symptoms of this have been seen in previous times, it has surely reached its pinnacle in our generation.
It seems as if the Twelve Tribes is on trial in Germany for its child-rearing practices, but really it is the State of Germany that ought to be on trial for violating the constitutional and fundamental human rights of its citizens.
"Quick, wake up! There is police marching on our farm!" It is at 6 clock in the morning and all I know at this moment: it's serious! I wake up our 15 -year-old guest on the bed next to me. "There's police in the yard, get up quickly! " Within minutes, we all meet in the corridor outside the rooms.
Dawson, a member of the Twelve Tribes communities, had been charged in 1994 with abducting his son and thereby depriving the mother of access when he disappeared for two years, to be later found living in California.
In 1984 Judge Mahady upheld his reputation as a jurist who took very seriously the constitutional principles that are the foundations of justice. In this ruling about the actions of the State of Vermont on June 22nd 1984 he offers a remarkable order describing the 4000-year legal history of search...
Dedicated to the public servants, past, present, and future, who follow their conscience and obey the rule of law, which protects the inalienable rights of individuals to pursue God –
Papers Retrospective on 1984: The Island Pond Raid — What We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Then

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.