Peppercorn Creek Farm in Picton

t one and a half hours southwest of Sydney you'll come to our little farm. We have 22 acres in a valley of the Razorback Range, with a beautiful creek winding through it, and peppercorn trees dotted along the water's edge... hence the name Peppercorn Creek Farm. Eight families, along with a number of single men and women, live here. We have many children so our life is busy caring for them. We teach them at home, and always have our young ones by our sides helping us with all the many daily living needs. They enjoy being involved in what we do and building up our life. They know they're necessary. The reason we are together is not to lead an alternative, self-sufficient life in the country, but to simply be the way our God intended people to be. That is caring for and loving one another. We work hard with many building projects, but mostly we want to build up one another. That's our greatest project. We work hard to maintain our unity and to not let anything divide us. To manage this we live open, honest lives to ensure there is peace. We are grateful for the words our Master Yahshua spoke and the life He lived, and that we can be obedient to the things that have been recorded in the Bible. We are so grateful there is 'a way' to follow, and that it works. We all gather twice a day, early in the morning and in the evening where we play music, dance and speak what is on our heart. Then we always eat our meals together, and enjoy the fellowship that takes place. If you were to take a walk around our farm you may see goats being milked, chickens being fed, the vegetable garden being cared for, children swimming in the creek or being taught, the busy kitchen producing wholesome food and the endless pile of dishes, the firewood being cut, the lawns being mowed etc. etc. Our men work hard to support us in plumbing and building jobs, and we also run a mobile cafe at many festivals throughout the year. You may have seen us around at Big Day Out, or the Royal Sydney Easter Show, at Woodford Folk Festival, or even the Olympics. We're called Common Ground Cafe. There is so much that goes on as we lead our busy life, but we're never too busy to receive guests who desire to come and visit us. After all, that's why we're here... we're building our life so that many more who have the same heart and desires can come and be with us. You would be welcome anytime to come and join in, we really would love to meet you. Please phone, write, send and email to scott [at] (our farm) or just turn up.


1375 Remembrance Drive
Picton NSW 2571


Phone: (02) 46772-668 or(02) 46772-216

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