Netsak: One Short Life

1.  One Short Life

Is the only one we have

To find out what is in our hearts

Destiny, it all seems so far away

But eternity won't be different

Than how we live our lives today.


2. One Short Life

All our days will come to pass

Better make sure

You're walking the right path

Don't be fooled by the spirit of this age

We will all give account to him from the smallest to the great.

We will all give account to him.



Can you hear the voice of His creation?

Can you see the wonders of His hands?

Can you add moment to your breath?

(This) one thing is for certain - one short life is all we get.


3. One short life

All our deeds will be made known.

All of our thoughts and darkest secrets shown.

What we sow, surely we will reap.

One short life paints a picture of our eternal destiny.

One short life paints a picture of our eternal destiny.

(repeat Chorus)

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