Community in Coledale

Greetings from our little household in Coledale on the South Coast of New South Wales!

Here in the Illawarra Shire - just 40 minutes from our farm in Picton, Peppercorn Creek Farm lies the pretty, little town of Coledale, overlooking the South Pacific. Coledale is a little north of the larger city of Wollongong. Our Community has participated in the Wollongong Farmers' and Craft Market for a number of years, and we've had many encouraging encounters with the folk around here. So we are excited for our new beginning here.

We are looking for those who are seeking for something more in life, and we believe that they can find that something more through the wonderful life that we've been given by our Master Yahshua. You may find us at several of the local Farmers' Markets in the area, selling Peppercorn Farm Green Drink and Bars, our artisan bread, carob treats, Mate tea from Brazil and other Mate Drinks, etc.

We'd love to meet you, so contact us or drop by for a cup of tea.

Love from the Community in Coledale