A Law Against Love

A Law Against Love

  • (23 Feb 2014)

    So asks Judith Woods of Sweden:

    Have Sweden's permissive parents given birth to a generation of monsters?

    As the children spared the rod comes of age, doubts about the practice are growing, Judith Woods finds {The Telegraph, 13 February 2014}

    "A best-selling Swedish academic has concluded that permissive parenting is creating a generation of arrogant young adults who lack social empathy, personal resilience and, after a childhood of pampering, are destined to be bitterly disappointed in life."


    Translation: 'How Children Took Power.'

    “Saying 'no’ to a child is not the same as beating a child. Parents should act like parents, not best friends,”...

  • (17 Jan 2014)

    A Question for the People of Germany


    Monument to Hans and Sophie Scholl: the White Rose in Munich.

    Largely unknown outside of Germany, but very highly regarded within it, are the members of the White Rose resistance movement of the early 1940s. They were one of the very few movements who opposed the Nazis either philosophically or politically. In 1942 and 1943, they distributed six leaflets calling on Germans to resist the Nazis in any way possible. The most famous of the White Rose are Hans and Sophie Scholl.*

    Among younger Germans, they are the most highly regarded Germans of all time. One hundred ninety schools are named after Sophie alone. She is Germany’s Woman of the Century.

    Why this esteem? Why this honor? Do Germans today likewise stand against injustice and for freedom of religion and conscience? They too must say that the conscience of the individual must guide him or her — even against the law when it opposes conscience — for the conscience is the very echo of God within each man and woman. For this cause, the White Rose perished. Would it blossom today?

    If Germans today do not stand for freedom of conscience, even against the intimidating power of the state itself, then why do they applaud the heroism of Sophie and Hans Scholl? If they believe their government has no higher authority to which it must answer concerning its laws and decrees, then they betray their true fatherhood and their true nature. They are unlike their heroes in the most fundamental way. Indeed, they are...

  • (11 Dec 2013)

    He who spares his rod hates his son, but if you love him, chasteneth him betimes. (Proverbs 13:24)

    Times Change, and with Them the Values

    One day someone came along and deceitfully crept into our homes, exploited our hospitality, took secret videos, manipulated them, and then played them to the public. Such a thing was once forbidden and frowned upon, but that was probably at that time when spanking was still allowed, not forbidden and frowned upon. Times change, and with them the values. The prophet Isaiah foresaw this long ago.

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who exchange darkness for light and light for darkness, who call bitter sweet and sweet bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

    By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

    Of course, you can see everything either way. The Son of God spoke to the teachers of the Law about a judgment based on the fruit.

    Therefore I say unto you, “The kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” (Matthew 21:43)

    By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree can not bear good fruit. (Matthew 7:16-19)

    What’s the answer to the riddle? Both authorities and journalists agree that our children are healthy, happy, alert, and obedient, but they say the method of education is wrong — even criminal.

    And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and the peace of thy children shall be great. (Isaiah 54:13)

    We are being praised for the fruit and reproved for the discipline. But perhaps the authorities and neighbors who have seen the good fruit had not been fooled after all. Here is a very enlightening comment from the newspaper:

  • (11 Nov 2013)


    I am pleased to hear from you . When I heard the news my heart sank immediately. Right away I had all the faces in front of my inner eyes and was looking for for pictures of you and then I saw your photo. I recognize some of the children again even though it 's been so long. What a scandal! I was so upset by this reporter ! I can still remember very well how I got an invitation at the first phone call to spend the weekend with you . He put it down so smooth but as if you are a secret, closed sect . You have a farm shop! Your yard is open and visible, there are no walls or fences! Surely you anybody can come over at any time! His statement that he won't be able to leave upon being exposed, or him being in danger when he is with you is so ridiculous! I was alone with my four young children and my “au pair” with you, my husband in Iraq at war, and I was in very good hands. We were able to move about freely and did not always have someone behind us . To be honest, I would not let strangers walk through my house as freely . Did he really think that we would threaten his life with pitchforks?

    The statement that the children are never allowed to play is incredible. I've seen the kids playing catch and I can remember a girl who told me about playing volleyball.

    You know how impressed I am with your love for each other and I found it so beautiful as the children were allowed to learn a lot from being close to their fathers. You have so much care for your children , and invested a lot of time into it. I could not stop watching. Your life offers a quite different parents-children image compared to what you see otherwise. Just beautiful!

    I can remember a child with disabilities. I think it had Down Syndrome. I was so amazed at how intelligent the boy was and how he was lovingly cared for. Someone told me that he has made great progress since he is with you. He was not ridiculed or bullied by anyone but was fully...

  • (8 Nov 2013)

    From the heart of a child...


    Dear Abba, dear Imma,
    How are you doing? I am going o.k.

    In this foster home the teachers are very nice. The other children in this home are very friendly and also pretty decent. I get along well with them. I miss you very much. It is so terrible to live without parents. I miss above all community life and all the people. I can now understand what it means to live in the world and how bad that is. The teachers were very surprised how obedient we are. They realized we were well-educated. I know that I have the best parents and I have also tried to make that clear to the Judge. I also miss Samir and Zipporah very much, they were always a good example for me and I want to follow their example. I get this total urge to work and am very happy if I can play soccer at times.

    I love you very much,
    your son Helez

    P.S. Thank you for the many letters and mandolin; they have greatly encouraged me.

  • (8 Nov 2013)

    Hopefully, I can come home soon

    a card from Chaninah, age 11, to her parents

    Chaninah, 11 Jahre alt
    Chaninah, 11 Jahre alt

    Dear Abba and dear Ima,

    I miss you so much. A few weeks ago I thought: "Oh, no, it still takes a long time before the court date." But now it is only one day away. I am so happy about that because afterwards we can see you soon and can hopefully come home again soon. I appreciate how you are enduring with us and how you are going through the tunnel with us. And that you don't leave us alone. I love and appreciate you forever and ever.

    Your dearest daughter,


    I wish I were with you now

    a card from Besorah, age 14, to her parents

    Besorah, 14 Jahre altBesorah, 14 Jahre altBesorah, 14 Jahre alt

    Dear Abba and dear Imma,

    Thank you for the beautiful cards that you have sent us. We were very happy about it. The days are getting longer and I miss you and my home more and more. I can hardly wait for the day to see you again. At least it is not so long. I hope that it...

  • (29 Sep 2013)

    Karte von Deveqah (16)

    Card from Debekah (16) to her parents

    Deveqah (16)

    Deveqah (16)

    Deveqah (16)

  • (29 Sep 2013)

    Letter by Besorah (14) from her exile

    Letter by Besorah (14) from her exile

    Letter by Besorah (14) from her exile

  • (21 Sep 2013)

    These speak for themselves...

    The social services and the judge Beyschlag think that the children are doing well. (The hearings will be dragging on for weeks ... is that for the well being of the children?)

    Card by Chemdah (Age 8)
    Card by Chemdah (Age 8)

    Card Text by Chemdah (Age 8)

    My dear, dear, dear Abba (hebrew for Father)
    You are the best Abba that I could ever imagine. How are you doing? I'm doing kind of fine, because I have friends and Imma (hebrew for Mother) is with us. But otherwise I miss you the most. I cry every day for you. It is so injust. I don't understand anything, but I know our Father is with us. We are praying every day for you and all of you. What you told us was so good, about how the Philistines stole the ark but they had to give it back and Obed Edom had it. That's the same way with his people who are held captive in the world. He will bring them home. THAT'S SO ENCOURAGING FOR ME. I hope we will come home as soon as possible. I will endure for you. I will cling to your words. I know, if I am obedient and respectful it will comfort you. Ima said that when we're back home she and I will be very different. THAT'S TRUE. I am very diligent and make Ima and of course you very happy. I appreciate your perseverance. I love you for ever and ever I miss you greatly.
    from your best daughter Chemdah Yasha 

  • (18 Sep 2013)

    A piece of my heart is broken since we are separated

    The social services and the judge Beyschlag think that the children are doing well. (The hearings will be dragging on for weeks ... is that for the well being of the children?)

    Card by Besorah (Age 14)

    Outside of card done by Besorah (Age 14)

    Abba & Imma = Father and Mother (Hebrew)

    Inside of Card by Besorah (Age 14)

    ...to my most dear parents. My heart is for you!
    I miss you so much and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about not being with you. I love you so very much and I have no idea how to live without you. It seems like a nightmare. I am not doing so well, but the phone calls help me to endure. I am trying to make the best out of it and encourage the younger ones. I know that our Father is my only hope to endure. I pray alot and know that He has only best intentions for us. I want to trust and hold fast my conviction. A piece of my heart is broken, since we are separated, but I know that our Father will reward those who will endure until the end. There is much in my thoughts and heart that I want to tell you, but unfortunately I must end know. You are all I have and I love you beyond anything else.
    I appreciate you,
    Yours, Besorah




    Card and Artwork by...
  • (2 Dec 2013)

    November 20, 2013

    Very honored Frau Roser,

    I wanted to express my greatest desire to you. I want to go home as fast as possible. I can hardly bear it anymore in these orphanages. The reasons for this are: I miss my parents. I am doing really bad. In this home there are children that were never trained that bring a lot of stress and quarrel. There is a lot of wrestling, from which I get bruises and scratches. At home I hardly had stress like that. For example, Yedidiah Müller recently got a black eye because someone threw a snowball in his face. In the foster home I have learned to defend myself, to hit back. Also I have learned to box fight. I am lucky that one boy in this home is my friend. He is very strong and can protect me from the other ones. In my class I am the youngest and best one. That is because I enjoyed very good schooling in Klosterzimmern. Besides that I need to quickly go home because my favorite cow had a calf and I want to take care of it. The cow is called Dora and the calf Distel. I have known this cow since she was a calf. Beside that I have a religion that can only be practiced in Klosterzimmern. Actually, I am a Bar Mitzvah already, but since I was taken away from my parents the celebration couldn't take place yet. That's why I need to go home quickly because I love my parents and miss all the people.


    Helez Schüle

  • (26 Nov 2013)

    I miss you very much

    Briefe an ihre Freunde

    Dear Isha Chadashah,

    How are you doing? I was very happy about your

    letter and the stationary. When you write me a letter

    I am always happy. I love you very much. I miss you

    very much.



    School is not so nice like at home.

    Briefe an ihre Freunde


    Dear Yakarah,

    I miss the time with you in training very much.

    Here I also go to school, but it is not so nice like at home.

    Your warm love I miss very much. I love you very much.

    I miss you very much.



    I am waiting with longing

    Briefe an ihre Freunde

    Dear Tsana Amah,

    How are you doing? I am doing o.k.

    I miss the time that we had together in the goat barn very much.

    Your beautiful card was very nice and encouraging.

    I am waiting with longing for that day where I can see you again.

    I love you.

    Your friend,


  • (26 Nov 2013)

    I was very happy to see my parents again after a long time.

    Briefe von Shifchatjah (10) an ihre Freunde

    Dear Besorah, Chaninah, and Ishah,

    How are you doing? I am doing okay.

    On Monday I had my court hearing. After my hearing I was able to see my brothers and talk with them a little bit. We had a nice time.

    Today my parents came, and Mr. Bishop. I was very happy to see my parents again after a long time. Now I can talk on the telephone with my parents and my brothers without anybody listening.

    Keep on enduring, our Father will bless those who do not give up. I love you and miss you very much.

    Your best friend,


    P.S. Tell Noah greetings from me.

    (Please write me, whenever you are able to.)

    Don't let the youth office oppress you

    Briefe von Schifchatjah an ihre Freunde

    Dear Nechonah,

    It was nice to receive your letter. Often I have to think about the time with you in class. On Monday I had my court hearing. After the hearing I was allowed to see my brothers and talk to them.

    I'm very happy that my letters are not being checked any more and that I don't to phone with speakers on.

    On the weekend we went to a fair. Also we moved to another group, which is a little bit better.

    Sometimes I ride horses, that is pretty nice. Also we had a feast here to honor Franciskus (a holy one of the Catholic Church). The people here think that he was like God because he took care of poor...

  • (26 Nov 2013)

    My First Time at a Court Hearing

    My appointment was at 9 a.m. and I was very exited. My caretaker and I drove together to the court. Once we arrived, a police officer escorted us to the waiting room. I had thought that while we were waiting, my lawyer would talk to me about the court case. Yet all he did was talk to my caretaker about the best weather for motor bicycling etc.. I had thought a lawyer to be someone who would help me and stand for me. But when I was talking to the judge the lawyer also questioned me. I had the impression that both of them were fighting against me. After the hearing I was a bit relieved, since now the judge knew that I want to go home. I had the impression that the judge didn't believe me anything. The youth office said that the reason for taking me from my parents and locking me into a institution was only for the good of the child. But I must say that I am very angry with the Youth Office. All they do is: THEY DESTROY THE LIFE OF HAPPY FAMILIES. Without the youth office my life would be so much more beautiful.

    Youth office? No, thank you!

  • (19 Nov 2013)
  • (11 Nov 2013)

    Monday 23 09th 2013

    Dear Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel,

    I hope that this letter will be read and considered carefully.
    I wanted to write you the day before yesterday. I was totally impressed with your strong statement on television, because you have so well stated that this country needs children's rights and religious freedom. I found you very honorable and admired you very much. I was very glad that you had been elected.

    To start with, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Eva Krumbacher. I am 17 years old and was forced to leave the so-called sect of the twelve tribes through a police raid. This intervention has separated me and the other 39 children and babies at once from our parents. All of us had been used to having a close, loving relationship with our parents. I found this to be a very brutal and aggressive intervention in our private lives. I think you must have heard about this matter.

    I love my life there in the community and would never wish for something else, at least not now. I would say that all rights have been revoked, especially of the smaller children. Children have the right to live with their parents if they want it. My little sister, for example, is suffering mental harm through this separation from our parents. I call that child abuse, when children are removed forcibly from their parents. It goes against the will of the child.

    Also, there is no freedom of religion, if parents are not allowed  to teach their children the way they want it. I was trained by my mom always at home and have not become stupid. The only reason, why I did not obtain a qualified degree is because we were at the time outside the country. I think it's wrong when our training is referred to as poor or bad. That is unfair. I want to get justice and speak for the rights of young children because their human rights (the right to be together with my father and my mother, the right to psychological...

  • (11 Nov 2013)

    Karte von by Noach (8 Jahre)Karte von by Noach (8 Jahre)

    Karte von NoachKarte von Noach
    Karte von Noach

    Dear Imma,
    at school I have the subjects english, math, german, geography, music, physical exercise, art and ethics. In art I am crafting a colorful bracelet with lots of strings. That's fun. I am doing well, but I miss you. Sometimes I ride bycicle with Ishah. We play music and sing songs together. Thank you very much for the songs that you sent us. I think of you often and hope, that I can see you again soon. I miss you and lover you very much. I give you a big kiss,
    yours Noach Chassah

  • (10 Nov 2013)

    Brief von Shifchatjah (10) an N,

  • (8 Nov 2013)

    Our Father is in Control

    a card from Besorah, age 14, to her parents

    Karte von BesorahKarte von BesorahKarte von Besorah

    Dear parents!
    I miss you very much. I, Chaninah, Ishah and Noach are learning to stick with each other and go step by step, 
    like the Koalas on this card. We hope to soon be able to return home. 
    I am pretty busy here because I have much homework. I get up at 6 a.m. every day and eat breakfast. At 6:55 I walk to the bus stop with Chaninah and we ride for 15-20 min on the bus to school. We have either 5, 6 or 7 hours of school. It is quite strenuous but ok. Up to now my grades are always "A"s and my fellow students asked me which school I was attending before since I was able to achieve so well. I could proudly tell them about our private school and my home. They were all very interested when I told them about our faith and our life in community. 
    After coming home from school, we eat lunch and then do homework. After that there is usually a little bit of time to go for a walk or brisk walk in order to get some fresh air. We make the best out of our situation and we are enduring. 
    I was very happy about your letter. It brought much comfort To me. I want to remember that our Father is in control and that He will bring us back home soon. I know that our Father is a righteous God and that He will not allow that we would be separated without...
  • (7 Nov 2013)

    Letter from Shifchatjah (age 10)  to her parents

  • (28 Oct 2013)

    When I first heard about the children in Germany being taken from their parents, I was appalled and grieved. How could such a “dark-age” thing happen in a modern civilized society? Why were little children being seized and taken captive against their will? I was grieved for those parents who had to watch their helpless little ones be taken by strangers. Being a mother myself, I could imagine the pain and fear and grief of the mothers and fathers there.

    As the days have passed (nearly two months have passed at this point), it is becoming clearer what is going on in Germany. It is evident from the accounts of those involved that justice and the safety of the children was not the motivating force behind such an extreme action.

    It would seem that something sinister has begun, perhaps long before any of us realize. Can parents in this day and age, in a democratic nation, be stripped of all of their God-given rights of parenthood? Who will be next? And if the democratic nation of Germany can take such action against its people, which “democratic” nation will follow the grim example of unchecked power? Haven’t we seen the consequences of such unchecked power and what it leads to? Can humanity endure such hostility?

    I can only hope and pray that the good people of that nation (and all nations) will not watch the disregard of human and parental rights without considering what end such terrible actions will bring.


  • (28 Oct 2013)

    My grandmother was an amazing woman. She had a command that demanded respect from her five grandchildren. Between 1980 and 1990, as a child and youth, I traveled to South Carolina and spent summers with her because my parents worked full time in Virginia. We could not afford babysitters, and my parents did not want my brother and me at home alone.

    During my summer visits with my grandparents, I knew what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior around the house and in the neighborhood because of her disciplinary actions. My grandmother spanked us with a switch whenever we misbehaved or disobeyed her. When we committed an infraction punishable by a spanking, she sent us outside with, “Go get me a switch!” and always finished her command with, “and if you don’t get me a good one, I’ll go out and pick one myself!”

    Often I watched my brother and cousins intentionally bring in a smaller switch. My grandmother would get up in a huff, and go out in the heat (or rain, because that is often when we were couped up in the house and got more rambunctious). She would enter back into the house with a decided consternation to handle adequately the offensive child. I learned that it was not worth what happened when she had to go out and pick her own switch, and I made sure my first pick was prime.

    Our newspaper boy also supplied switches for the neighborhood. We would see him approaching with the “Daily News” canvas bag thrown over his shoulder. In his bag along with the rolled, rubber-banded newsprints were long switches he had cut on his paper route as he traipsed along. He gathered switches as a side job to make a little extra money in our poor black southern country neighborhood. Pot (as he was coined), would always respectfully greet my grandmother, “Hello Miss Gill, how ya doin’?”

    “Fine, fine, Pot. Looks like you picked up some switches,” looking at the package on his...

  • (21 Oct 2013)

    The Broom –

    or an uncommon situation in a common court room


    "Are you doing fine?“ the friendly judge asked with interest bent forward a little over his judge table. The little chubby cheeked 4 year old boy with the sad eyes nodded with a shy smile.

    “We noticed that he does not seem to be acquainted with electronic and technical devices. Obviously he also never played with Legos or Duplos …” the foster father states …


    … Just recently Shalem’s little world looked totally different. Sometimes he still remembers how it was at home, but now that was all so far away. Before, his father or mother would always wake him up along with his older brother and sister. They had also suddenly disappeared. Every morning he would go with his parents to the gathering and sing with all his heart and listen to what the adults were talking about. Afterwards he was proclaimed with a loud voice along with all the other children: “Essen ist fertig!” After breakfast and brushing teeth his mother would always get the broom out of the broom closet. Shalem knew exactly what that meant – it was time for him to get the dust pan. While his mother in her quiet manner swept the stairs he happily jumped up and down the steps and everyone who entered the house would greet him: “Ah, Shalem, you are faithfully helping your mother …?” Yes, that is how it was every day – until that morning that all these armed policemen came. Since then everything was so different and strange. Now Shalem sits in his new room lost in midst of lots of toys … and sometimes when his foster mother gets the broom out of the broom closet, the memories of his kind mother appear in his mind …


    … "Do you beat your children?“ the judge asked the desperate looking couple with narrow eyes....

  • (18 Oct 2013)

    "Ok Helez, we are finished for today. Now you can go outside and play“, the friendly coach informed. So what now? At home he always helped on the farm after school, but now he does not really know what to do with himself. Fortunately two other boys are roaming around in the garden of the orphanage and they have a good idea – there is an apple tree! Soon the little apples are flying through the air – until the educator shows up disgruntled and puts an end to the fun.

    “You know that you are not supposed to throw apples. First of all this is food, and there are there is the window glass and besides someone could get hurt. As a punishment each one of you has to pick up a bucket of apples now!”


    Helez finally grabs a big bucket and heads out.

    “This bucket is so big, you only have to fill it half”, the educator instructs him as he is going out the door. The other boys are still contending with their fate.

    “Pah, I am not going to pick up apples in the dark.”

    “These stupid apples, no one wants to eat them anyway …”

    The other youth of the group slowly appear, attracted by the lively discussion about the apples. Finally the other two agree to accept their punishment and at that moment Helez reappears with his bucket.

    “Good, you can fill up his bucket” the educator says triumphantly. She is relieved because she managed to get the boys to accept her authority.

    “That does not work” Helez responds in his usual calm manner.

    “Why not?”
    “Because the bucket is already full.”

    Astonished everyone stares at him with open mouths. The educator interrupts the silence with the question that is on everybody’s mind:

    “Why did you do that?”

    “Well, I did not behave right and so I have to bear the consequences for it.”


  • (6 Oct 2013)

    Brief von Shifchatjah an ihre drei Freundinnen

    Dear Besorah, Chaninah, Ishah,

    How are you all doing? I’m not doing so well. When Debeqah and I got here, we thought we were in a prison – shut windows and doors and a bunch of other strict laws was all we found.

    I’m very bored many times because I don’t have anything to do. The school we are going to is not really so great either (it is boring). But we are making the most of our time.

    Your friend,


    P.S. Say hello to Noa for me.

  • (3 Oct 2013)

    How is it love to tear nursing babies away from the mothers who love them?

    How is it love to take children away from their parents, against their will, and keep them in the hands of total strangers?

    How is it love to not even notice that these children have not been beaten and abused, but tenderly and lovingly nurtured and raised with great love and care?

    How is it love to treat their parents as evil criminals when all they have done is devoted their lives to raise them according to the wisdom in the Bible on how to raise wise, upright children as contrasted to raising up fools?

    How is it love, when when all clear evidence points to the fact that the children come from homes where they have been loved and nurtured, to hold the parents as guilty indefinitely until proven innocent?

    Is love a crime worthy of punishment?


    How is it love to take away the freedom of parents to raise up children who value a good conscience and understand consequences?

    How is it love that a government has such power as to usurp the God-given right of parents to raise their children up in the best way they know?


    How is it not love to be so concerned about your children's future that you devote your life to raising them up in the way of love, honesty, selflessness and a clean conscience?

    How is it not love to see the desperate state of today's youth with their lack of character, lack of morals, lack of purpose and unbreachable generation gap, and not desire with all your heart to raise your own children in a Way that's been proven to set them on a different way –

    a way of character and uprightness

    a way of morality and purity

    a way of honesty and openness

    a way of breaching the gap between parent and child

    and raising children who love and respect you as the one who led them in the way of wisdom and life?

    How is it not...

  • (3 Oct 2013)

    I turned the corner, and there they were. Half a dozen familiar faces. Some leaning against the graffiti covered brick wall, some squatting on the dirty ground littered with cigarette butts. Uniform jackets unbuttoned, school ties hidden in pockets, pants fashionably narrowed, fringes died with peroxide. Narrowed eyes, crooked grins, stiff poses – anything to look as aloof and indifferent as possible.

    My friends...

    Some were passing a smoke around (just tobacco in those days...) Greeted by almost imperceptible nods, I take my place in the small circle and accept an almost burnt-out cigarette. Choking, but managing to maintain my cool, I take a quick drag and pass it on.

    The school bell rings somewhere behind the brick wall, but no one moves. Hardly lifting our eyes off the dirt, we are dragging out a well-worn conversation – girls, movies, last weekend. Bragging on about our crimes and vices – real and imagined.

    A lone figure trudges past.

    “Hey, Nick!”

    Conversation abruptly halted, everyone turns their heads as if on command and stared. Nick looks over briefly, without a word, shakes his head and hurries past. He disappears in the school gates.

    “He won't come. Someone told his dad they saw him smoking. Probably got a walloping last night...”

    “Yeah, he told me his old man is onto him. You won't see Nick for a while now.”

    “...Or he'll get his backside belted. I don't envy the poor bastard...”

    “You bet...”

    There's a long pause. Some stare into space, some into the spit-covered dirt.

    We lie. We envy him. Oh, how we envy him! Someone cares about him. Someone cares enough to pull him up. Someone gives a damn. But not about us. No one cares. We might as well not even exist. Might as well just trash your life, your body, your soul. Some of us will – drugs, prisons, suicide. Lives...

  • (3 Oct 2013)

    Look before you leap –

    Pride comes before you fall –

    If you don't have anything good to say,

    Then don't say anything at all.

    It takes two to tango –

    What's in the bucket comes from the well.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Don't go looking for stories to tell.

    From the mouth of my mother came sayings,

    That I might consider my deeds.

    For every heart is a garden,

    With a need for attention to the weeds.

    My father was also attentive,

    Let me feel the sting of the rod.

    The fact that they cared for my soul,

    Led me to search for my God.

    Now the children I have hear these sayings,

    But even more I have found,

    The proverbs of Yahweh my God,

    And in them true wisdom abounds.

    How can one turn the heart of their children?

    Implore them to choose what is right,

    Pull out the weeds of selfishness,

    Let the flowers bloom in the light?

    The answers are there on those pages

    Recorded from sages of old.

    And the fruit of keeping His word

    Is a story that's never been told.

    But in faith we strive for the goal,

    For the promise we know holds fast:

    To train them up in the way they should go,

    And from this they will never depart.

    (Prov 22:6)

    From Atarah

  • (2 Oct 2013)

    If God gave you in your hands,

    the souls of precious little ones, what would you do?

    If they had only one soul, one heart, one lifetime,

    wouldn't they mean everything to you?

    If God disciplines those He loves

    and punishes everyone he accepts as a son,

    Would they too, not be accepted as your very own?

    Or would they suffer the pain of being illegitimate and fatherless?

    If the tree you had diligently cared for and nurtured

    brought forth the sweet, desired fruit,

    why was it unjustly and cruelly destroyed

    by the hands of those seeking their own good?

    For we will all have to give an account,

    not to the government, not to our friends, not to the trees,

    but to the only one who created you and me.

    Hitah Melilah (age 21)

  • (2 Oct 2013)

    What is Love?

    What is love? What is hate?

    Have you ever considered your child's fate?

    By the time they're a youth, it's far too late.

    Parents today don't seem to care,

    If their child goes here or if he goes there.

    If their son grows up to be a punk,

    Always out and getting drunk.

    If their daughter hangs out with her friends all night,

    They stay awake and hope she'll be alright.

    This generation of undisciplined peoples

    Produces patients for mental hospitals.

    People say, “Quick, get them into that hospital bed,

    Before they end up dangling from a thread.”

    The young mother sits alone and cries,

    “What should I do with this child? Who can answer my whys?”

    But how did they end up in this place,

    With these terrible situations they have to face?

    It's all the result of how they were raised,

    What their parents put into them in their early days.

    So we are thankful to be being raised,

    Where love is the dominant force.

    And where our parents love us enough,

    To keep us from going off course.

    Anavah bat Israel (age 14)

  • (2 Oct 2013)

    September 11, 2013


    As I sit by the light of a candle, I can hear someone pass by outside my window. The storm has passed by, but the electricity is still out. Just as I sense how small I am next to the great storm clouds, we feel small as a people since the German government took the children. Frightening things will happen to us, but we have a God we can cry out to. As we can only faintly imagine what our friends are going through there, we know our God turns ALL things out for the good for those who love Him.

    Have you seen the eyes of a child

    Since their conscience has been cleansed?

    Like crystals, they shine at you,

    Holding your gaze.

    Their teeth show as they smile meekly

    Their hand reaches out for yours.


    Have you seen a child

    Whose eyes are as black as night?

    Your heart aches to see the neglect of

    Parents who were too busy to love,

    From birth they trained their children

    to fend for themselves.


    Unfit for life, unable to sustain relationships,

    but surviving...

    Their consciences grow dull as

    They sweep things under the rug,

    Stuff their attitudes away and perfect

    Their ability to lie.


    He who confesses his sins finds compassion.

    We love restoring our children.



    Amtsah Tamiymah

  • (2 Oct 2013)

    Here in our little clan in Vermont, accounts were read aloud to our whole community about the recent raid in Germany. Interestingly enough, those reading had to keep explaining to the listeners, “In much of Europe, you are considered guilty until you prove yourself innocent. If their government deems you suspect in a crime, the responsibility is upon you to clear yourself of the charges.”

    Our people, adults and children alike, were shocked and incredulous. They could not imagine such an unjust attitude on the part of governing authorities, because in this country a person is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

    Yom Teruah (September 5, 2013) was indeed a Day of Awakening for many of us.

    The all-powerful Creator, Himself, has never been a tyrannical authority. The concept of “inalienable human rights” is ancient — as ancient as the Creator giving commands and warnings to the first man and woman, but allowing them to make their own choices. And then He brought mercy to them in the face of the tragic results of their choices, by setting more boundaries that they and their offspring would have to choose to obey or not. And human history has marched on from there. Authority in the family and in human governments was set to support the family unit, protect peace in societies, promote normal hard work, etc.

    Why would authorities with “right doctrine” strive to destroy citizens with “wrong doctrine”? What threat did the people of Klosterzimmern pose to any authority? Their lives and homes were open, visited even by thousands who year-by-year attended their well-received “Hoffest.” They were appreciated and praised by their neighbors in their local area.

    This is a strange outcome for such people. Are “good citizens” only those who fall into narrowly-defined boundaries of behavior and thought? This reminds me of a children’s book called...

  • (2 Oct 2013)

    My name is Anah. I am 13 and I’ve lived in the Community ever since I was born. I am being raised by wonderful parents in an environment of love. My parents are raising me according to the Proverbs and according to the Word of God. In the Community our parents do discipline (love) us in obedience to Proverbs 19:18, “Discipline your child while there is hope, and do not set your heart on his destruction.” Our parents do not abuse us.

    When I woke up on September 5, 2013, the first thing I heard was that all the children were taken from our communities in Germany and put into foster homes. I was shocked! How could a government be so hardhearted as to come and abuse children by taking them away from their parents, with an accusation that they were abused by their parents?

    I want to pose a question. Why is it that Germany, a so-called “Christian Nation,” raids peoples’ homes for obeying the Word of God? It is proof that the government there is calling evil good and good, evil. It is so sad that a government would outlaw parents loving (disciplining) their children. The Word of God says that an undisciplined child brings shame to his mother.

    The world today is full of unloved, undisciplined children. The children of the Twelve Tribes are loved and disciplined, we are not abused. I am thankful for the way my parents are raising me!

    In the case of the children being taken from their parents, the media has fabricated all manner of evil accusations against us. One day every man will appear before the One True Judge of this earth and give an account of everything he has done in his life, and this will determine where he will spend eternity. We have a God, and our God is real, and He will judge every man according to His deeds! Will He not judge those who have caused the hurt and damage and pain in separating many, many families from each other?

    I’m thankful that I am a...

  • (18 Sep 2013)

    As a 26-year-old born and raised in the Twelve Tribes Community, I can speak for myself on behalf of my upbringing and my beliefs. Based on my own experience I have also made a choice on how I will and currently am raising my own child.

    Three months ago, I was living in Klosterzimmern, Germany, and my child was one of the happy five-year-olds running about on our beautiful farm. Now, three months later, I am horrified and shocked beyond words about the raid against our communities in Germany. I cannot stop thanking God for allowing my family to come to the United States for a few months, just in time to miss this illegal kidnapping of our children by the German Government. Although my daughter and I are Americans, she would certainly have been taken illegally, since that is what happened to some of my American friends there (and is still the case). My daughter prays every day for her friends and kindergarten mates to be returned to their parents.

    This attempt to “save” our children from abuse has itself become the only abuse these children have ever experienced — being torn away from their parents whom they love. They are now experiencing something they could have never imagined would be done to them.

    My parents raised my five siblings and me according to the Word of God as recorded in the Bible, in countries like the United States and Brazil, where freedom of religion is still respected. NEVER have my parents done anything but loved us. They had the courage to love us enough to save our souls from a path of destruction in a world and society that has gone far beyond the limits of the God-given conscience in each man.

    We can clearly see by what has happened that the end times are near, when man has begun to call evil good and good evil. This is what the prophet Isaiah predicted long ago (Isaiah 5:20). For thousands of years, people have disciplined (spanked) their children. But never, in the history of mankind has...

  • (16 Sep 2013)

    If you want to know the real story, why not ask the “victims”?

    I was raised in the Twelve Tribes Community. I wasn’t born here but I came just as soon as I could, at one year old. I was four when the state of Vermont authorized a raid on our community. I was taken with 111 other children as well as our parents who insisted on accompanying us to the large gymnasium where we were to be held until a judge ruled that there was evidence of abuse. Then we would be examined by social workers, doctors, and psychiatrists, who would then decide that we were indeed abused, which would then result in us being taken forcefully from our parents and given to who knows who. Perhaps I would have been a statistic in the quote below from Princeton University.

    “All children do best when they live in safe, stable, and nurturing families, yet far too many children lack this fundamental foundation. Every year, millions of children are abused or neglected—close to 300,000 so egregiously that they are removed from their homes by the state and placed in foster care. For too many of these children, foster care is no safe haven. Instead, the children drift from foster home to foster home, lingering in care while awaiting a permanent, “forever family.”

    I have imagined that scenario, “drifting from foster home to foster home, lingering in care while awaiting a permanent, “forever family.” I imagined it, rather than experiencing it because in our case there was a judge who still regarded his solemn oath to uphold the United States Constitution as his public duty and moral obligation.

    Oh, the horrors I have heard from those brought up in such an environment. Far too many to list, but if one really wants to know the truth it is not hard to find.

    Fortunately, I stayed with my God-given parents. I say “fortunately” knowing how truly fortunate I am to have...

  • (15 Sep 2013)

    Is there anyone who can hear my voice who has respect for their fellow man and regard for human life?

    You would think that one would think to himself, “How would I feel if someone took my children away? How would I feel if I was taken away from my parents and given to people I didn’t know, having no idea, when or how my nightmare would end?”

    I grew up in the Twelve Tribes Community in France. I was trained to respect authority, including police, judges, and civil servants. I was taught that these people were there to protect those that do good and to punish criminals.

    Throughout my childhood we faced a lot of trouble from the government in France. The authorities questioned my parents in the areas of schooling, vaccinations, discipline, and why we were not allowed to watch TV. It was obvious that they didn’t agree with the way my parents had chosen to raise my siblings and me. More than once we were surprised by dozens of policemen coming to our house, sometimes to our private bedrooms early in the morning. Doctors performed ‘check-ups’ looking for evidence of abuse, and psychiatrists questioned us to examine our state of mind. My dad was taken to jail a few times and went to court regularly. I remember my greatest desire as a child: “I just wish they would leave us alone!” I remember asking so many times, “If they are supposed to protect those who do good, why do they harass us?” I knew for a fact that my parents loved us and we were not mistreated.

    In fact, my dad grew up as an orphan and had heart-wrenching stories to tell us of his upbringing. His dream, he told us often, was that he would grow up and have a big family who were together and loved each other. This came true. My brothers and sisters loved our family and our parents. Yes, my parents disciplined us when we needed it, but I never once doubted that they loved us. I knew that they wanted me to grow up...

  • (12 Sep 2013)

    Six thousand years — the lifespan of civilization.
    And in that time, one generation brings to life
    the generation to follow. Mothers brood over little ones.
    Fathers teach right from wrong. Parents, as best they can,
    train their offspring not to be brutes,
    curbing their little cruel impulses, their selfish desires.


    And throughout these ages the wise ones took in hand
    a slender sprig, a bending reed, a small instrument,
    to correct the little ones who went astray,
    to teach them early that they must answer for their actions.
    The wisdom of the ages.
    Generation passing to generation a heritage of lessons gathered:
    self-control, respect, justice, even compassion —
    lessons never learned apart from suffering.

    And yet a generation comes, detached from those before,
    needing no wisdom from the past, self-assured,
    men of power, men in suits, making their decrees
    in a remote place:
    Do not tread the ancient path! Do not teach the old lessons!
    Abandon the time-tested ways! Forsake the wisdom of the ages!

    And for those who do not abandon the ways of civilization,
    they send out the enforcers — armed men
    to tear nursing babes from their mother’s breast
    and children from their parents
    who walk in the ancient ways.

    And the children do not rebel against the injustice.
    They have been trained with the reed-like rod
    to obey and show respect,
    to control themselves and wait.

    But what would you do, enforcers, if the children said no?
    What would you do, remote men in suits,
    if they resisted you
    tearing apart the bond of their family?
    Would you beat them with your night stick?
    Would you shoot them with your gun?
    Would you fry them with your taser?
    Would you lock them in a cage?
    Would you chain them up in shackles?

  • (12 Sep 2013)

    I was also one of the children that were blessed to be born and raised for a purpose. My parents raised me according to God's word that is recorded in the bible. Like Proverbs 22:6 says, the way you train a child, that's how they will be when they are old. So because my parents are living for a purpose and were going to raise us for that purpose, they obeyed Proverbs 23:14-15 and 13:24. They didn't tolerate disobedience, disrespect or rebellion. But what I remember is that I always knew how to make them happy and loved knowing that I pleased them. When I chose not to do what pleased them, the thought of them being sad was terrible to me. But that never made me want to run away and hide or not see them for a while – because I knew the only way to feel better would be to receive my discipline. So they never had to get mad, frustrated, or felt like they had had enough, because things were always kept simple and clear. And then they forgave me and they were happy with me again. And so I always knew I was loved because they disciplined me. Discipline was and is never a means of punishment, let alone a way to express frustration. Discipline is our Father's way to show a child the way that is good and which pleases father and mother, and the way that is bad and does not please them.

    When I see children that don't have parents that discipline them, I feel bad for them. They rarely know that their parents are pleased with them or even how to please them. Because they aren't being taught – they are just tolerated. I do think that every human should have to admit that you can only tolerate for so long; when toleration ends, frustration begins.

    The God we serve is LOVE. Love is not toleration and certainly not frustration. Read Proverbs 13:24.

    1 Corinthians 13:4-9 says more about the ultimate standard of love. I strongly believe that love is the law and there is no law against love. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 tells about...

  • (12 Sep 2013)

    The agony and desperation within my soul is indescribable at this point concerning where this dying world is at. I'm sure some would think it is the farthest thing from dying, but if a father is not allowed to be a father anymore and a son knows no longer to whom he belongs — who desired and longed for him before he was even born, and then treasured and affectionately loved and cared for — then this surely has become a dark, perverse, and dying world. A world of degraded human beings wondering why they are alive.

    I say this because I know how very blessed I am to have true parents who not only conceived and bore me but raised me up to be a useful person with a fully functioning conscience and soul so I could realize when I hurt people and then to make it right. They raised me to have the character it takes to endure the suffering life brings and still be kind — to be all the ways you would want someone to be.

    That training started out young with the unfailing love my parents had for me, never ever leaving me alone, always tending to my needs, developing a deep relationship between us from the love we shared. They taught me what was pleasing to them and what was selfish and what hurt and displeased them. I always felt secure knowing I could please them and that they were there for me without fail every single day. They were loving, caring teachers, guides, and friends through every stage of life and every hardship, training me to do what was right and disciplining me when I did wrong. The disobedience caused me to feel alienated because I felt the loss of the sweet parent/child fellowship we shared.

    Before I even knew that proverb was in the Bible, 13:24, “He who spares his rod hates his son but he who loves him disciplines him promptly,” that it was the word of God, I would have known that that is what God said about child rearing. For when you think of God, you're thinking of someone you can call on...

  • (11 Sep 2013)

    All true education is accomplished in a particular setting. A doctor is trained in a medical school. The instructors in that school require a protected environment conducive to graduating skilled healers.

    To develop good or bad character a person is dependent on early childhood input. Most of the world’s societies look to Jesus as a great spiritual and moral model. Jesus (whose Hebrew name was Yahshua) was trained in the wisdom of the Proverbs. He said, “Wisdom is justified by her children.”

    Communities such as the Community in Klosterzimmern should be allowed the religious freedom to “love into existence” young men and women of moral character. The Proverbs and the wise children they produce are the key to a future of people with understanding and character.


  • (9 Sep 2013)

    September 5, 2013, Yom Teruah (the Day of Awakening) 

    6:00 a.m. Thursday morning, September 5th, about 100 policemen in about 25 vans drove onto our property followed by about as many social workers, led by the chief of the local social services. As quickly as they had zoomed in, they spread strategically over the property. Since it was our high Shabbat, Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShannah), the first of the ten days of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), we were not gathering until 8 o’clock that day. We were still in bed, except some who were milking our animals. It is hard to believe that they didn’t know that the best time to get us was on one of the High Holy Days of Jewish tradition.

    We awoke to the noise of the vans and policemen talking around our houses, some were surprised by policemen entering their bedrooms. Getting dressed quickly, while frantically calling friends and our lawyer, we were herded by many heavily armed policemen and the officials of the social services into our living room. One of the social workers read us the court decision that the custody of all the children of the parents of the Twelve Tribes Community in Klosterzimmern under 18 years of age was partially (concerning residency, medical care, education and relationships) taken away and given to the social services, and that we were to immediately let them go; otherwise they would use force.

    We were asked our names and the names of our children, which we were not sure if we should give, since it all seemed like an unbelievable attack against our human rights. The chief of police then asked us to hand all our children and youth over to them, including a young woman who was just visiting. As we hesitated we saw the social workers putting their black gloves on and knew that they were getting ready to forcefully grab our children from us if we did not cooperate.


  • (9 Sep 2013)

    I got to know Mo-Aydah Tlapak about 13 years ago. I was able to witness important stages of her life, such as her Bat Mitzvah and their wedding, but also many Celebrations and other occasions. I have also lived repeatedly for several days in the Community and thus had the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

    I want to emphasize that I am not attached to any special kind of religious Community, I am simply Protestant. That's why I consider myself an objective observer and do not feel that I could be led to prejudice people in favor of the Twelve Tribes by my own religious beliefs.
    Mo-Aydah and I were both about 10 years old when we first met, and since then we have observed each other’s life.

    The Twelve Tribes community was living in Oberbronnen in Baden-Württemberg, and my mum and I and a girlfriend went there because we thought it was interesting. So we became pen pals and then close friends for life.

    The family of her parents was marked by a lot of understanding and affection. At the time, being a child and young teenager, this appeared to me as normal, but today I am a trained family nurse, and have worked 2 ½ years in this profession. Now, studying social work, I know that a loving family environment is not at all something to be taken for granted. In Mo-Aydah's family and also in the other families in Klosterzimmern with whom I came in contact, I have had the privilege to experience such a loving togetherness among them.
    The kids were fearless, and as Prepubescents and Pubescents, tested the limits, the way children and teenagers just do it. When I hear now that the Twelve Tribes Community is accused of military drill of children, that is absolute nonsense and contradicts everything I have seen and experienced.

    The children and young people in the community were quiet and balanced, no restless TV children. They live very close to nature with their own garden, own animals, they...

  • (9 Sep 2013)

    "Quick, wake up! There is police marching on our farm!" It is at 6 clock in the morning and all I know at this moment: it's serious!

    I wake up our 15 -year-old guest on the bed next to me. "There's police in the yard, get up quickly! " Within minutes, we all meet in the corridor outside the rooms.

    It is Yom Teruah – Day of Trumpets, The Day of Crying out!

    I catch a glimpse out of the window – armed police everywhere, police cars everywhere, it looks like war. From below I hear foreign voices ... a police officer already comes up the stairs.

    "All the inhabitants of this house are to assemble right away downstairs in the living room."

    Going to the bathroom to brush her teeth is being refused to my friend. We're going down. The entire first floor is equipped with armed men and women in uniform. Like a herd of animals we are driven into the living room and are sitting here now.

    "Sorry that we are waking you up at such an ungodly hour... " one of the men in civilian clothes begins, an official of the Youth Office in Donauwörth. S., my little 10 -year-old friend (for me she's like my little sister) is clinging more tightly to her mother. I hold her hand. What do these people have in mind?

    "Due to a court order, based on the charges against you because of child abuse, the custody regarding medical care, schooling and residence of the children ..is temporarily taken from the parents of the Community. Therefore we are taking your children now with us. They will be taken to the district office in Donauwörth and brought from there into foster homes and state shelters."

    An official is reading briefly this order, then a letter size sheet is placed on the table. This "paper" is addressed to the "Dear parents" – no names, no personal address – nothing! We are being treated like you would treat a herd....