The Youth Office Destroys the Life of Happy Families (Helez 13 years old)

My First Time at a Court Hearing

My appointment was at 9 a.m. and I was very exited. My caretaker and I drove together to the court. Once we arrived, a police officer escorted us to the waiting room. I had thought that while we were waiting, my lawyer would talk to me about the court case. Yet all he did was talk to my caretaker about the best weather for motor bicycling etc.. I had thought a lawyer to be someone who would help me and stand for me. But when I was talking to the judge the lawyer also questioned me. I had the impression that both of them were fighting against me. After the hearing I was a bit relieved, since now the judge knew that I want to go home. I had the impression that the judge didn't believe me anything. The youth office said that the reason for taking me from my parents and locking me into a institution was only for the good of the child. But I must say that I am very angry with the Youth Office. All they do is: THEY DESTROY THE LIFE OF HAPPY FAMILIES. Without the youth office my life would be so much more beautiful.

Youth office? No, thank you!

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