Yom Kippur and Sukkot


All of the clans of the Twelve Tribes will be celebrating Yom Teruah, which is the Feast of Trumpets, starting Friday night, 9/18. It begins the Ten Days of Affliction, where we humble ourselves and confess our sins, both the sins we have committed and those good deeds we left undone, golden opportunities lost.

The culmination of that is Yom Kippur, starting the evening of the 27th, the Day of Atonement, where we remember our Master Yahshua, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

Starting on October 2nd through October 10th, we will celebrate the Feast of Booths, where we will be dwelling outside under the starts, cooking our meals outside and having our gatherings morning and evening. It is a nice time with our children, and we'd love for you to join us too. It is a feast to celebrate eternity.

Someday soon, we will begin the 50-year race, a period of unbroken unity and obedience, which is the fulfillment of the Year of Jubilee, where all the land goes back to the rightful owner. We want the earth to go back to the rightful owner - our Master Yahshua. Someday soon, we will begin.

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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