Will God Get What He Deserves?

Yahshua maintained His communion with God and was therefore able to be a ransom, a spotless sacrifice for mankind. God’s ultimate purpose is to have many human beings that He could dwell in and express His perfect love through.
There is no more powerful force in the universe than the love of God. Nothing else can reach down into the depths of the human soul and bring true healing and hope. His love and His life were embodied in the man Jesus. He lived every day to love and serve and feed those who needed Him. He was the living example of what God desired when He created man in the first place – that he would be a vessel of His Spirit, a body for Him to dwell in.
It was not enough that God dwelt in one man for a brief moment in history. But it was necessary to send this one man, a second Adam,1 who would overcome the temptations of the evil prince who rules this world. Jesus kept Himself pure and maintained His communion with God and was therefore able to qualify as a ransom, a spotless sacrifice for mankind. God’s ultimate purpose in this was to have many people that He could dwell in2 and express His perfect love through. They are the “Holy Ones,” the ruling class who will be His Body among the Nations that will fill the universe for eternity.3
Jesus was like a precious seed that fell into the ground and died. But death could not hold Him because of His innocence. He returned to those He loved and told them to wait in Jerusalem for the Spirit to come upon them. For a brief time in history the known world witnessed a foretaste of the kingdom,4 as the love of God filled the hearts of Jesus’ disciples. People were coming together to love and care for one another, sharing all they had, because of their love for God and His Son.5 Communities of Holy Ones began to spring up in every place. They offered hope and a home to those who truly desired to know their Creator.
In these communities you could actually live with people who were becoming like Jesus. He was the firstborn and pre-eminent above all others. Yet He made a way for all those with the same heart as Him to become sons of God, His brothers.6 He blazed a trail so that others could follow Him, walking as He walked. It wasn’t a mystical transformation that happened when people professed their belief in Him, but an actual, progressive change occurred in the life of each disciple.7 Living and working together in His communities created real tests between the disciples that brought about this deep inner change — the salvation of their souls.
His love is a consuming fire and this life of the early disciples was designed to purify these Holy Ones in order that they could more perfectly express His love to others who would follow Him. Ultimately they would be prepared, as a bride is prepared for her King,8 and then Jesus would return for her and together they would set up His eternal Kingdom beginning on earth for 1000 years.9
Sadly, their love waned.10 They stopped seeking Him. They lost their simplicity and pure devotion to Him.11 They lost sight of the great purpose He had for their lives. Selfishness, fear, and division crept in. The disciples began to compromise in so many ways. They lost their confidence and their outspokenness.12 The strong ones began to dominate the gatherings.13 Gradually the few faithful ones died off and eventually the Holy Spirit could no longer find a home in their communities.14 When love left, so did their vision to stay together and suffer to care for one another.
Eventually Christianity became the state religion under the Roman Emperor Constantine. The unfaithful Church had given herself to another lover.15 She went from being “the persecuted” to being “the inquisitor.” All who stood against her were singled out and either banished or destroyed. Liturgy and empty rituals replaced what was once a life full of meaning and purpose. The humble sharing of genuine thanksgiving by each member was replaced by long-winded sermons of men seeking their own glory.
The confusion continued through the centuries. Those who claimed to have the truth shed a sea of blood as they sought to promote “the Kingdom of God” as they saw it. The fear of “hellfire and damnation” replaced the “love of God” as the primary motivation for accepting Christ. Giant stone cathedrals, built at the expense of many souls and great sums of money, represented the “awesomeness of God,” rather than the self-sacrificing love of Messiah in His people. All the while, the Church continued to splinter into denominations and sub-denominations.
“Right Doctrine” became the “witness of the truth.” But tragically, these precepts were taught by men with bloodstained hands. They became accepted as “the word of God.” Men slowly lost their understanding and appreciation of natural law. The conscience was regarded less and less as something to listen to and live by. Doing “good for goodness sake,” was all “filthy rags.” People actually began to believe that it said in the Bible that God destined certain people from birth to go to eternal destruction and others to heaven.
So here we are in the 21st century. The confusion goes on. The deception has become much more subtle and sophisticated. It is no longer legal for those with “right doctrine” to burn those who have “wrong doctrine” at the stake or to hang them from the highest tree. Commitment to Christ has been reduced to weekly church attendance, paying your 10% and trying to be a good example to others, at best. The most pious in the churches tend to exalt their superior Bible knowledge and their “ministries.” Mere knowledge becomes the standard, and they use it to judge the difference between the “nominal” and the “sincere.”
But where is the love of God? Is Jesus getting what He paid for with His torturous death and three agonizing days in Death?16 Is He gaining interest on His investment? Is His Bride being purified and prepared for His return? The answer seems painfully clear.
He, however, is worthy of a Bride who loves Him and gives herself to Him completely. He deserves to get what He paid for, what He died for, and what He is waiting for. He is able to do what He said He would do. And for this cause He came into the world. For this cause He was born, to bear witness of the truth and those who are of the truth will hear His voice.17
The good news is that He has once again poured out His love in the hearts of a people who are being gathered. We are learning to walk with Him. As a result, we are growing in our love for one another. We want to learn from those who have fallen in the past and overcome where they did not. It’s not easy, but He is worth everything to us. We hate the way the world is going and the way He has been grossly misrepresented. We are living to bring Him back to the earth. It’s the most important thing that is happening anywhere today.
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come. Let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.18

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