Why Can’t Mankind Come to its Senses?

Everyone knows their days are numbered — that they are going to die. But they do not know that they are going to a place called “Death” or “Hades.” The Son of God described it as a "place of torment” in Luke 16:19-31. Do you think He was just making up a story that had no reality?
So when will you wake up… or where? "Wake up O sleeper, and rise from the dead…" before it’s too late! This life now, may be the only death you can rise up from. So wake up! Don’t be stupid. Don’t you know that you are in a stupor? 1
Yes, mankind is in a stuporous state today. Can they wake up to this reality? They are going to end up in that same place of torment. For the wages of sin is that death. If they don’t have enough character left in them to pay for their own sins in the first death, they will spend eternity in the sea of fire, which is the second death.
So what kinds of sins have you committed? How selfish are you now? What does your conscience say? Does it still speak? Does it have any say? Do you still feel guilty for your actions? Do you still know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong?
Do you think that when you die you will no longer exist outside your body? Do you have an eternal soul? Or do you even think about it anymore? Doesn’t that mean that you are in a stuporous state of mind — that you are very stupid about the most essential and important thing — where you will spend eternity?
The rich man in Luke 16:19 died and was buried. His soul went into a place called Death — a place of torment. He was awakened too late to the facts of his life and ended up in torment. The Son of God was telling this story to save mankind from having to face their true condition when it’s too late to change their destiny. The choices you make in this life will determine your eternal destiny.
We write this as an appeal to you to wake up to the grand scheme that is at work to destroy you and all of mankind. We take full identity with you in your struggle, and we have found a true hope and a cause worthy of our lives. Please consider what we have to say, then come and see the brand new culture that is being established in the midst of this society gone haywire.

  • 1. Stupor – A state of near unconsciousness or insensibility, numbness, suppression of senses, inability to hear something, indifferent.

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