What We Believe

God, our Father

We believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Creator of all things.1 He revealed Himself to Moses as Yahweh, “The Existing One,” a name that expresses His eternal nature.2 He is loving and merciful, full of compassion.3 He is also righteous and just, and will judge all of mankind according to their deeds.4

Our Master Yahshua

We believe that Yahshua5 (called Jesus in most English Bibles) was born of a Hebrew virgin named Miriam (Mary), who was betrothed to Yoceph (Joseph).6 He was conceived in Miriam’s womb through a miraculous working of the Holy Spirit,7 not from the fallen seed of man. For this reason He is called the Son of God. Although fully human,8 He was the very incarnation of the eternally pre-existing divine Word and Spirit of God.9 He chose to maintain intimate communion with His Father, never once falling into sin.10 Because of the fear and jealousy of the religious leaders of His day, He was crucified. Like a spotless lamb, His sinless life became an offering for the sins of all mankind.11 After paying for our sins for three days and three nights12 in the agonies of death,13 His spirit and soul returned to His body and He rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended into heaven to take His place at His Father’s side.14 He sent His Spirit to fill His disciples on earth, so that they could complete the work that He began, in order to bring an end to the Evil One’s reign on the earth.15 He will come back when He has a people made perfectly ready,16 having become just like Him.17

The Gospel

Although all of mankind is under a death sentence because of their sin,18 the good news is that our Master Yahshua has paid for our sins with His own blood19 so that we can be released from that death sentence20 and spend the rest of our lives bringing about His will on the earth.21 If a person is truly willing to do the Father’s will, he will receive faith when he hears about our Master Yahshua from a true disciple.22 Then he will utterly forsake his old life and all his possessions,23 dying in the waters of baptism,24 crying out to our Master Yahshua to save him from his sins and give him a new life.25 He will be filled with the Holy Spirit26 and from that time on he will no longer live for himself, but for the One who died for Him.27 The practical reality of this is that he will share a common life of love and unity with those disciples who shared the Good News with him.28

The Church

The term “church” in the New Testament describes a people who share a common life together based on the teachings and prophetic vision of Yahshua, the Messiah.29 Collectively they form the “Body of Messiah”,30 which is carrying out the work that the Master began when He was on the earth, by the power of that same Holy Spirit that empowered Him.31 They are also known as the Commonwealth of Israel32 — a holy nation and royal priesthood33 consisting of twelve self-governing tribes34 in twelve distinct geographical regions around the world.35 Each tribe consists of many self-governing clans or communities.36 Each community consists of one or more households in which all of the disciples in that locality maintain their unity as they live, work, pray, worship, and celebrate together.37 Through the trials and sufferings of their life together,38 which is like a refining fire,39 they are being made progressively more like their Master Yahshua.40 They await His return for them,41 as a King coming for His bride when she is fully prepared for Him.42

The Last Days and the Coming Millennial Age

We believe that the world is on a course towards one world government and one world religion, which will ultimately join together in an oppressive tyranny, bringing the world to the brink of destruction. This will fulfill the prophetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, recorded in the book of the prophet Daniel,43 as well as the prophecies of the last days recorded in the New Testament.
As the boundaries are broken down between nations, and their ancient cultures give way to the emerging global, multicultural society, so will the absolute moral standards embodied in these cultures give way to the law of political correctness. Most people will become more and more like the Evil One, giving themselves to every selfish desire, regardless of the consequences, increasing the ranks of the Unjust and Filthy.44 Few will withstand the pressure to compromise their conscience.45
At the same time, the true followers of Yahshua, the Messiah, will become more and more like their Master, increasing in their love and care for one another, and their unity as a twelve-tribed spiritual nation.46 Just as the needy and the humble were drawn to our Master Yahshua when He walked the earth, and the proud were repelled and infuriated by Him, so it will be with His people.47 Their light will attract those who hate their lives in this fallen world, and it will repel and irritate those who are exposed and threatened by the disciples” life.48
Ultimately they will be driven out of society by a world government dominated by the Man of Lawlessness.49 They will flee to the wilderness where they will endure the last few years of this age.50 During this time their purification will be completed,51 while in the world from which they fled, the degradation of man will reach its limit.52 This will be the moment when Yahshua, the Son of God, descends from heaven and gathers His followers to fight the war that brings this age to an end.53 The armies of the Man of Lawlessness will gather in the Plain of Megiddo to try to destroy the Messiah, Yahshua, and His holy ones.54 But He will be victorious and will cleanse the earth of all evil. The Evil One himself will be bound,55 and Yahshua will take His throne in Jerusalem to rule the earth with His holy ones for 1000 years of peace and restoration.56
At the end of that millennium, the Evil One will be released for a short time to test the hearts of men, and he will lead many astray. His rebellious army will be consumed, and the Evil One himself cast into the Lake of Fire, the second death. Finally, all who have died on the earth in all the ages will be resurrected for the final judgment.

The Judgment and Man’s Eternal Destiny

We believe that human beings are eternal creatures, having an immortal soul and spirit that will exist forever.57 Each person’s eternal destiny depends on how he lives his life on this earth.58 There are three eternal destinies, one for each of the three distinct categories of men: 1) the Unjust and Filthy; 2) the Righteous; and 3) the Holy.59
Because of man’s sin, going back to the original sin of Adam and Eve, he is under the sentence of death,60 but this death is not eternal.61 There is a day appointed when all who have died will be raised and will face their Creator to be judged according to their deeds.62
Those who rejected the true gospel after hearing it from a true disciple, and those who lived in such a way as to ruin other people’s lives to satisfy their own cravings, will be judged worthy of a second and eternal death in what the Bible calls the Lake of Fire.63 These are the Unjust and Filthy.64
Others, who never had the opportunity to hear the true gospel and yet consistently lived according to the dictates of their conscience will not be found worthy of a second death.65 These, the Righteous, will have paid for their sins by their first death,66 and will enjoy a second life in an eternal kingdom under the rulership of Messiah and His faithful followers, who are the Holy.67
There are others who may well have committed deeds worthy of the second death, but were convicted of their sinful condition and received faith when they heard the Good News of Yahshua, the Son of God.68 These are the Holy.69 They obeyed this gospel (see above), with the result that their sins were paid for by Messiah’s death on their behalf.70 Thus they no longer lived for themselves, but for Him,71 and as His bondservants, they share His eternal destiny — to rule and reign over the Righteous in the nations of the eternal age.72

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The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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