What is Love?

What is Love?

What is love? What is hate?

Have you ever considered your child's fate?

By the time they're a youth, it's far too late.

Parents today don't seem to care,

If their child goes here or if he goes there.

If their son grows up to be a punk,

Always out and getting drunk.

If their daughter hangs out with her friends all night,

They stay awake and hope she'll be alright.

This generation of undisciplined peoples

Produces patients for mental hospitals.

People say, “Quick, get them into that hospital bed,

Before they end up dangling from a thread.”

The young mother sits alone and cries,

“What should I do with this child? Who can answer my whys?”

But how did they end up in this place,

With these terrible situations they have to face?

It's all the result of how they were raised,

What their parents put into them in their early days.

So we are thankful to be being raised,

Where love is the dominant force.

And where our parents love us enough,

To keep us from going off course.

Anavah bat Israel (age 14)

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