We Dare Call It Treason

When I was a child attending the public school, I was taught that treason occurred when a person betrayed his country and abandoned its cause for the sake of the cause of another country. I was taught that to betray the interests of the United States was the most hideous thing a person could do. Benedict Arnold was less than a human being in my eyes for deserting the cause of the American Revolution. I viewed him as a coward, a gutless, spineless man who betrayed his closest friend, George Washington.
But somehow my teachers neglected to teach me what treason really was, and when it originated. They never helped me understand how someone like Benedict Arnold could commit such a horrible act against his good and trusted friend. Treason is defined as “violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign or state; betrayal of one’s own country; any betraying, treachery, breach of faith, or betrayal of trust.”
In today’s modern society it is rare to find true loyalty and faithfulness. King Solomon knew about this in his day when he said, “Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, but a faithful man who can find?” Men are unfaithful to their wives and wives are unfaithful to their husbands. It’s hard to find individuals who are truly loyal to their employers or their elected officials. It’s also hard to find politicians who are truly faithful to serve with loyalty and integrity those who elected them. Greed is a powerful motivator, and for the love of money and power many betray their closest friends.
Most of us in this day have grown up without much understanding of loyalty and faithfulness. We watched a president be assassinated right before our eyes. We rebelled against the authority of parents, the military, school, and everything else. We saw major scandals in the political realm and the business world. All of these everyday happenings in the United States today are but the evidence of a whole nation that has lost touch with the value of absolutes. There is no respect for leaders, no respect for teachers, no respect for parents. The people as a whole in this country have lost touch with their roots.
The most absolute, foundational, stable root of this nation is its Constitution. It was intended to be the absolute standard of binding law. It was intended to be a standard that would secure everyone’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It was intended to be a standard of justice that would expose corruption. The founders of this nation knew well the corruption of the human heart and how that corruption filled the leaders of governments of every nation down through history.
So the greatest betrayal of trust, the most deadly betrayal of this country is when someone is disloyal or unfaithful to the Constitution. Whenever this happens, when men ignore their conscience and then do not uphold the spirit of the Constitution, both to uphold it and to abide by it, then corruption begins to fill every aspect of life. The prophet Daniel had a vision long ago in which our God warned us that the nature and quality of the governments of all nations would grow more and more evil, more and more corrupt.1
This corruption is exposed in the United States whenever government officials plot to undermine the moral fiber of the Constitution. Whenever this happens, those officials are guilty of treason. The moral state of a man who steals every once in a while is this: he is a thief. What is the moral fiber of state officials who violate citizen’s rights once in a while? Would anyone dare call such action treason? The government raid on the Community in Island Pond on June 22, 1984, was a graphic example of such treasonous action on the part of the highest state officials. Fortunately, we find occasionally a true servant of God in this society who will uphold the pure aspects of democracy which gives communities the right to exist. True servants of God in government are worthy of our honor and respect. We are to submit to such men.
The whole idea of government originated with the God who created the heavens and the earth. In Him lies absolute authority. God’s original purpose was to fill the whole universe with His absolutely righteous, just, and compassionate rulership. He desired for the universe to be filled with the beauty that we can see in nature here on this planet. He created many spirit beings called angels to assist in this task. Perhaps the most beautiful and most powerful of the angels was Lucifer. He was a very trusted creature in the universe.
But Lucifer betrayed this trust. He rebelled against God’s absolute authority.2 He was not satisfied with the position he had been given and thus the thought entered into his mind and heart to set up his rule above the rule of God. This betrayal was the first act of treason in the universe. So Lucifer, who is now called Satan, was guilty of treason in his rebellion against God.
From this first crime of treason, this first betrayal of trust, has come all the evil in the world today. God created man in His exact likeness, to rule the earth for Him, to be loyal to Him, and to thereby expose, judge, and expel rebellion from the universe forever. God wanted man to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with nations that would be loyal and faithful to His Word and purpose. But the first man was deceived by Satan and also betrayed the trust given to him by his Creator.
So now we see the nations on earth filled with this same corruption. And this corrupt seed continues to be passed on from one generation to another. The only hope for mankind and for Planet Earth is that our God would somehow be able to establish on earth a nation of men and women who would be faithful and loyal to Him, a people who would obey His Word and diligently fulfill His purpose, a people who would be fit to rule and able to be a light and an example to all the nations of the earth.
God sent His Son, Yahshua, to be that example and light for us to follow. Yahshua established a new order on earth of those who would be like Him. He was a faithful and loyal Son who lived His entire life in obedience to His Father’s commands. He kept His Father’s laws with all His heart. When He rose from the dead He proved to be the long-expected Liberator of all mankind, the One hoped for, who would gather and rule over this new nation.
There is now on the earth a remnant of Yahshua’s followers, His disciples, who have given no allegiance to the treasonous governments of the nations, because they give all their allegiance to Yahshua. They are obedient to His commands and are citizens of His chosen people, a holy nation made up of those who are His very own possession.3 This is His community. They have been washed from the defilement they received while they were giving their allegiance to earthly kings. Their eyes have been opened to see the glorious rule of Yahshua, and they want no part in any other kingdom. They repented from their treasonous acts and selfish motives. They don’t want to give their energies, talents, and resources into maintaining a corrupt society of men and institutions that blatantly break God’s laws without any sorrow or repentance for their wrongdoing.
They have no desire for a society which promotes godless education and raises up godless children with no respect for authority nor restraint from the evils of corruption, greed, fornication, homosexuality, alcohol, and drugs which are so prevalent in today’s schools. They do not want to participate in a competitive society where men’s motives for their actions are selfish ambition and freed. They do not want to live by the standards of men or institutions who do not believe in training and disciplining their children according to the absolute standard of the written Word of God — the Bible.
This group of people is emerging as the hope of the world and a light to every nation where these communities are allowed to exist. But the corrupt governments under Satan’s tyranny are always opposing the existence of these communities. When prosecutors, legislators, judges, or governors work to undermine the pure aspects of freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs, freedom to speak publicly on any issue, the right to due process, or in any way violate the guaranteed freedoms of the Bill of Rights, then those men are guilty of treason and should be dealt with as criminals. They are forever trying to force God’s people to compromise, to bend under their oppression, to let just a tiny bit of their persuasion, their standards, and their perversions creep into their lives. This is a true spiritual fornication.
There is a large group of people among the ranks of Christians who are the main promoters of such treasonous action, such unfaithfulness and disloyalty to the King, Yahshua. They are the ones who hold to the belief that allegiance to God and allegiance to country go hand in hand. Many religious leaders have been telling their congregations that the United States government is ordained of God, therefore, all Christians should defend it, uphold it, and obey it. This belief comes from a wrong understanding of Romans 13:1-7. They quote these verses and say that all government is ordained by God and, therefore, we should always obey the government we’re living under, even when it disregards God’s Word and His laws, thus becoming both criminal and wicked.
But these same people seem to have forgotten their history lessons. According to such doctrines, most Bible preachers and teachers would say that at the time of the Revolutionary War, the government of King George III in England must have been ordained of God. Therefore, the founding fathers of the United States must have violated God’s Word in Romans 13 when they rebelled against the tyranny of King George. By their teaching, it seems that the heroes of the Revolution, such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson, should have remained loyal to England and continued to obey the dictates of King George III.
In light of such a shocking revelation, perhaps all the Christians who wave their flags and defend absolute obedience to the so-called “God-ordained” government of the United States should also repent for the rebellious acts of the American Revolution. By their own teaching, they should suggest to their congressmen that we submit ourselves again to the rule of England. So we see that in order to adhere to this interpretation of Romans 13:1-7, one must admit that this country was conceived in rebellion and, therefore, could not possibly be “God ordained.”
Nevertheless, Christianity finds itself compromising in many, many ways with the standards set by this society. Christians, more than any people on the face of the earth, know that the God of the Bible is Sovereign Ruler of the universe, and allegiance to Him is absolutely required from His followers. Therefore, any who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ but in their daily lives give vows to the standards set by society which violate the Word of God is guilty of the highest form of treason.
There is an intense war going on between the ruler of darkness, Satan, and the King of kings, Yahshua. Satan wants to continue to control the hearts and minds of men in order that corruption, chaos, war, starvation, AIDS, etc., will continue until total destruction of human life from the planet results. He wants the earth to return to a state of ruin, a waste place. Yahshua wants to raise up a people that will restore the earth to be a garden fit to be inhabited, a people He can put His very life into so that they can accomplish this wonderful and precious purpose.
Some people who call themselves believers don’t even know there is a war going on. They think the war will begin after they are raptured off the earth. Others who acknowledge the war doctrinally are guilty of trying to give their allegiance to both sides. They think that they are somehow obliged to send their children to public school or in some way conform to state standards of education because “it’s the law.” They forget that those children belong to God and not the state, that their allegiance requires them to raise their children to be fit to rule with Yahshua in the age to come and not merely to be a productive member of society. Some feel that they must register for the draft and go to war because someone told them they were obligated by law to fight for “their” country in order to protect their “freedom.” They forgot that they were supposed to be members of God’s army, fighting a fight of faith to accomplish God’s mission on earth, to rule the earth for Him.
Such “believers” always talk about how we need to clean up “our TV shows,” “our public schools,” “our government leaders.” They even promote going into every phase of this godless society to become “Christian” senators, presidents, lawyers, doctors, and teachers in order to make America a godly nation. But Yahshua said that this present world was headed for destruction. You can’t make a bad tree bear good fruit. You must come out of and cut yourself off from this wicked, perverse, and very abnormal society that crucified Him and give your allegiance to a new order under His Sovereign rulership. Any “believer” who doesn’t do just that is guilty of treason.
Such unsound doctrine and practice is the accepted way of life in Christianity. It is also the way of life of the corrupt nations. That is why Christianity is a part of the nations and will suffer the same fate as the nations. This way of life was condemned by Yahshua and the apostle Paul, “This I say therefore, and affirm together with the Lord, that you live no longer as the nations also live, in the futility of their mind, being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart.”4 The teaching that says you can fit into the mainstream of society and yet still be a light and example at the same time has caused multitudes of believers to be guilty of treason against the King they claim to love so much. This teaching promotes disloyalty and unfaithfulness to Yahshua and reveals the unfaithful nature of the religious system that promotes such treasonous acts. The cry of the prophet is to come out of that unfaithful harlot and be formed together as a faithful bride, fit and able to rule with Him.
It will cost everything you have to quit compromising with this godless society and start being faithful to the One who is calling you. This is what it will take for a new nation to be born. When the ex-governor of Vermont who ordered the Island Pond raid stands before God, his judgment for undermining the basic rights guaranteed in the Constitution will not be nearly as serious as the “believer” who continues to betray Yahshua with his self-centered, materialistic life. Unbelievers don’t know better, but believers are supposed to know.
Many believers will stand before Yahshua on the Day of Judgment and call Him Lord, but won’t be allowed to rule with Him in the age to come. The reason is that they did not come under His government in the community in this age in order to be prepared, to prove faithful and loyal to Him, to become worthy to rule with Him. Therefore, He will say to them, “Depart from Me. You denied Me and now I will deny you the right to rule with Me. Your deeds were lawless!” Such people continue to hear His words in their heart but never really put them into practice. So on the day of testing, at the judgment, their “religious” house will crumble down, proving to be built on a foundation of sand.

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  • 4. Ephesians 4:17-18

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