Shhh! If you are quiet, very quiet, and you listen very closely you will hear it! It is the drumbeat of a tribal people, the drums of change, the heartbeat of a new society forming… Can you hear the ancient tribal beat? It is just over the horizon… The momentum is building… For something very old is being born...

A people is being gathered... The prophetic voice of a new millennium is faintly heard... “No longer separated... no longer alienated... Living together in tribes… a commonwealth is being formed...”

This new commonwealth is not like the “British Commonwealth” or the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” This one is really a “common–wealth.” It goes by a whole new set of rules !

That is the wonderful story that we have to tell you here at the Common Ground Café. The people at the counter are there to serve you more than just good food. They want to share with you the good news about a “real commonwealth” that is being formed on this earth. It is a place where we have all things in common, and our highest law is LOVE.

This Commonwealth is a new spiritual nation made up of twelve tribes. Yes, tribes of people living together, a life under the rule of the Good Spirit. That is why we call this a spiritual nation of tribes because we are bound together by one Spirit with a strong faith in the Almighty God. Because “everybody has to serve somebody” (Bob Dylan). Whether you admit it or not, there is a spiritual realm, an immaterial realm, that you cannot see. Those spiritual forces influence the “immaterial” part of you, your soul and your spirit, affecting all that you think and do. You will end up “serving” some spirit, whether it be good or evil. The commonwealth of Israel is an inter-tribal connection devoted to the one Spirit, the Good Spirit of the Messiah, the Son of God, who teaches us to love and do good.

So, we are the commonwealth of Israel. We have a wonderful story to tell. No longer separated… No longer alienated from one another. The commonwealth is a real community, open to all those who want a new life. It is a refuge in the midst of a very troubled world…

It says in the Ancient Writings that “Once you were separate from Messiah, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel, having no hope and without God, and in the world. But now in Messiah Yahshua you who were far off have been brought near by the sacrifice of Messiah.”

Tribes... Tribes... Hear the drumbeat of change!

The Ancient Writings speak a mystery: “...Come here, I shall show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb... the holy city, Jerusalem... with twelve gates... the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel...” (The Book of Revelations 21:9-12).

Tribes? What are these tribes?

“...the tribes of Jacob... the preserved ones of Israel... a light to the nations, so that My salvation may reach to the ends of the earth...” (The prophet Isaiah 49:6).

“...our twelve tribes... earnestly serve God night and day...” (Acts 26:7).

Twelve tribes? Twelve tribes? “...young virgin men from every tribe of the sons of Israel... Judah... Reuben... Gad... Asher... Naphtali... Manasseh... Simeon... Levi... Issachar... Zebulun... Joseph... Benjamin...” (The Book of Revelations 7:4-8).

PERHAPS this is hard for you to understand for this kind of tribal life vanished from the earth so long ago...

... a life of hospitality... a life of peace... families, clans, and generations together... people with a common character, from a kindred spirit... brothers dwelling together in unity... a place to belong... a place where God dwells... where the lonely have a home... a place that is blessed with life everlasting...

All civilizations can trace their ancestry back to tribal living in some form many years back. But sadly the tribal people of old found a driving force within them which caused them to fall apart. It was selfishness that pulled men away from one another. Wars broke out, killing and looting… But nowadays “civilized people” do not live so close together. They cannot be together and still maintain their plastic smiles and superficial calm... So, here we are with our feet firmly planted in a new century — supremely civilized, and keeping a safe enough distance so that war does not break out with our neighbor.

But there is no war in our Tribes. For just as God has forgiven us for all the bad things we have done, so we forgive others. We are learning to love in the same way God loves. This just naturally produces a tribal life of unity, a true commonwealth where there are no rich or poor (and nobody is on the dole [welfare] because everyone does his part). It is the same tribal life that was lived by the early disciples of the Son of God, who walked this earth 2000 years ago. That’s how He commanded His followers to live. Unfortunately the religion that sprang up in the years that followed lost all resemblance to the pure tribal life He died to establish. Now the day of restoration has come!

Daily the beating of our tribal drums is heard by all who live nearby as we gather in households with singing and dancing to give thanks to the One who has saved us from an empty and hopeless existence.

Many households make up a clan. Many clans make up a tribe. The tribes are united across national boundaries by their love for one another. This love is a lifelong commitment, knitting us together like a child in the mother’s womb. A tribal connection !!!!

If something deep within responds with a flicker of hope at the thought that just maybe it might be true, just maybe these words you are reading are reality, then perhaps you are one whose ears can hear the sound of the tribal drumbeat in the distance... but really it is not so far away. Welcome!

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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