Thirsty Anyone?

Our bodies are roughly 80 percent water. Without it we die. When contaminated, it can spawn pandemics. With good, clean water we can lead long, healthy lives. Today however, people are drinking less and less water. Think for a moment — when was the last time you drank a couple of quarts in a day? The once-normal water intake has been replaced by a plethora of energy drinks, sodas, and teas, most loaded with concentrated doses of caffeine, refined sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. In fact, people’s diet has changed more in the last forty years than it has in the previous forty thousand.1 Accompanying that change has been a skyrocketing increase in cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other terminal health problems. Coincidence?

Culturally, our society has changed as well. The nuclear family is virtually a thing of the past. June Cleaver is no longer at home in Mayfield. Now she’s out working to pay for the Beave’s Xbox 360. In the romantic days of Leave it to Beaver, there were always hot meals ready for the family. Today most children hardly eat at home. Due to the “grab-n-go” nature of our culture, the dinner table has moved to places like McDonalds.2 Children growing up today have been dubbed the latch-key generation by sociologists. Behavioral problems at school have gone from gum to guns in a relatively short span of thirty years or so, and schools are being outfitted with armed guards, security cameras, and metal detectors that would rival some international airports.3

Let’s face it: We live in the richest, most powerful country in the world, and despite all the wealth and technological advancements which promise to make our lives more comfortable and fulfilling, we have an unprecedented number of children and adults who are depressed, taking record amounts of anti-depressants in their attempt to cope with life in a toxic society.4 According to researchers, many are losing the battle.5

You may be surprised to learn that many Christians suffer from severe depression. Though it may be somewhat embarrassing to admit it, more and more Christians are turning to pharmaceuticals to cope with the difficulties of life. Whether “stressed out” due to the cares and worries of life,6 or lost among the masses in a multi-media-mega-church, at the end of the day, many are left feeling alone and thirsty, hardly different from their unbelieving neighbors.7

Taking a closer look, there may be good reason to be depressed. Consider the following research results from a popular Christian research group:8

  1. In a representative nationwide survey among born again adults, none of the individuals interviewed said that the single most important goal in their life was to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

  2. Born again Christians spend seven times as much time on entertainment as they do on spiritual activities.

  3. Desiring to have a close personal relationship with God ranks just sixth among the 21 life goals surveyed, trailing such desires as “living a comfortable lifestyle.”

  4. Born again adults are more likely to experience a divorce than are non-born again adults (27% vs. 24%).

Meg Flammang, project director of another Barna study conducted one year later, said the following of the Christian divorce crisis:

We have found that in a lot of ways Christians are not living different lives than non-Christians, when we look at their behavior… It’s hard for Christians to understand because it seems contrary to what people think would happen…We would love to be able to report that Christians are living very distinct lives and impacting the community, but ... in the area of divorce rates they continue to be the same.”9

So where is the transcending life that is promised to those who believe? The Son of God said, “… whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”10 With Christianity no happier or healthier than the general population, where, one might ask, is this thirst-quenching power of the one Spirit that all believers are made to drink of?11 At first glance you might question whether the Son of God meant what He said about never thirsting again.

According to the scriptures, there is a water of life that does quench the dissatisfaction of an empty life in this world.12 But not all who claim to have it truly do. For one to drink of this water, however, he must not have any other cause he values more.13 Drinking of the water of life is drinking from a new Spirit, which satisfies your soul and makes you truly different. Perhaps you are one of the few who are honest enough to admit that you are still thirsty.14 If so, we invite you to come and drink of the true water of life.

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