The Rich Young Yuppie

What is the world seeking? The brotherhood of man. Can this brotherhood be found on earth? And if it could be found, would it destroy the earth? What destroys the earth? Fallen man destroys the earth. Greed is the basic ingredient in fallen man. Everyone is greedy. The earth, therefore, is being destroyed by greed in mankind.

Greed has to do with possessions. The greedi­er you are, the more you try to obtain possessions for yourself. It is in the pursuit of possessions that this earth is being destroyed. But the time will come when the nations of this earth will become angry, because God’s wrath has come upon them for destroying the earth. It is written in Revelation 11:18 that God will come and destroy those who destroy the earth.

There was only one man who ever lived upon this earth and was not greedy. He is the One who said,

Beware (be on your guard) against every form of greed. For not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions. (Luke 12:15)

So we must all ask, “How many forms of greed exist in me and motivate me every day?” To the degree we have any form of greed motivating us, then to that degree what we are doing is helping destroy the earth.

What are possessions? They are things we control. It is what we own. It is the things we have. Our riches are usually measured to a great degree by the abundance of our possessions. Possessions are made from the natural resources of the earth.

Some of these resources are gold, silver, iron, copper, aluminum, water, trees, oil, gas, coal, cotton, wool, etc. The more possessions we have, the more resources we drain from the earth.

Yuppies are prime examples of those who get their life from the abundance of their possessions. Our Master had an encounter with a rich young yuppie.1 The thing this yuppie would not give up in order to have life was his abundance of possessions. Our Master made it clear to him that if he wanted life he must give up his possessions. He told him how hard it will be for those who have abundance of possessions to enter the Kingdom of God. He told him it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who has abundance of possessions to enter the Kingdom of God.

The commandment was to give up all his own possessions. It all comes down to life — whether life is more important than possessions. There will be no rich young yuppies in the Kingdom.

But the Good News is that any rich young yuppie can have treasure in heaven if he gives up all his own possessions in this life and follows Messiah. The servants who follow Messiah, those who have given up all their own possessions in obedience to the Good News of their salvation,2 will be rewarded both in this age and in the age to come. For at the end of this age our Master Yahshua will come back to earth to not only reward those who obeyed Him in this age, but also to condemn those who destroyed the earth by their greed.

The terms of peace when He comes to destroy the earth must be met now, before He comes. And those terms of peace are total surrender. It is like having an army of ten thousand men and knowing that an army of twenty thousand men is coming to do battle. Would you not sit down and take council to see if you were strong enough to defeat the one coming who has twice the strength? Otherwise you would send a delegation and ask for terms of peace. It would be complete destruction and death for you and your army or complete surrender to the King who is coming.3

What is life? Our Master told the rich young yuppie that if he wished to enter into life, he must keep the commandments.4 And the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And in doing this you will love your neighbor as yourself. But our Master called this rich young yuppie to a higher calling, a higher love, one which would require him to sell all that he has and follow Him, which would prove his earnestness to have eternal life.

Our Master showed us what love is by laying down His life for us. We who want life must believe in Him and thus we will lay down our lives for one another. But if we have food, clothing, shelter or other possessions and see our brother in need and do not give him what he needs, it is proof that the love of God does not dwell in us.5

This is the life of love we all imagined back in the '60s. We imagined no possessions as John Lennon inspired us to do. But we couldn’t hack it. Greed was too powerful in us. No one showed us how to give up our materialism and really have a life together. In many ways for many of us becoming a rich young yuppie was inevitable – just as inevitable as the judgment that is coming for all those whose greed destroys the earth.

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