My Greatest Desire

November 20, 2013

Very honored Frau Roser,

I wanted to express my greatest desire to you. I want to go home as fast as possible. I can hardly bear it anymore in these orphanages. The reasons for this are: I miss my parents. I am doing really bad. In this home there are children that were never trained that bring a lot of stress and quarrel. There is a lot of wrestling, from which I get bruises and scratches. At home I hardly had stress like that. For example, Yedidiah Müller recently got a black eye because someone threw a snowball in his face. In the foster home I have learned to defend myself, to hit back. Also I have learned to box fight. I am lucky that one boy in this home is my friend. He is very strong and can protect me from the other ones. In my class I am the youngest and best one. That is because I enjoyed very good schooling in Klosterzimmern. Besides that I need to quickly go home because my favorite cow had a calf and I want to take care of it. The cow is called Dora and the calf Distel. I have known this cow since she was a calf. Beside that I have a religion that can only be practiced in Klosterzimmern. Actually, I am a Bar Mitzvah already, but since I was taken away from my parents the celebration couldn't take place yet. That's why I need to go home quickly because I love my parents and miss all the people.


Helez Schüle

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