More letters and cards of the children that were taken from the parents

These speak for themselves...

The social services and the judge Beyschlag think that the children are doing well. (The hearings will be dragging on for weeks ... is that for the well being of the children?)

Card by Chemdah (Age 8)

My dear, dear, dear Abba (hebrew for Father)
You are the best Abba that I could ever imagine. How are you doing? I'm doing kind of fine, because I have friends and Imma (hebrew for Mother) is with us. But otherwise I miss you the most. I cry every day for you. It is so injust. I don't understand anything, but I know our Father is with us. We are praying every day for you and all of you. What you told us was so good, about how the Philistines stole the ark but they had to give it back and Obed Edom had it. That's the same way with his people who are held captive in the world. He will bring them home. THAT'S SO ENCOURAGING FOR ME. I hope we will come home as soon as possible. I will endure for you. I will cling to your words. I know, if I am obedient and respectful it will comfort you. Ima said that when we're back home she and I will be very different. THAT'S TRUE. I am very diligent and make Ima and of course you very happy. I appreciate your perseverance. I love you for ever and ever I miss you greatly.
from your best daughter Chemdah Yasha 


Card by Shachar (Age 7)

Dear Abba (hebrew for Father),
I hope that we will see each other soon. Every day we pray for you and also for all the others. I am learned that I don't want to love the things of the world.
yours Shachar

I love you. I appreciate you for how you endure. I also want to endure.

Card by Nechonah (Age 11)

Dear Parents,
How are you doing? I miss you. In the family there are already two other foster children and three of their own. All together 5 daughters and 2 sons. All of them are  a little older than myself. They take good care of us. Our Father is turning everything for the good, even if it doesn't look like it.
I love you, your daughter Nechonah

Card by Rea (Age 9)

Abba, Imma  (hebrew for Father and Mother)
I miss you a lot. I hope we see each other soon. Yours, Rea

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