How “Short” Has Man Fallen?

Man was created in the image and likeness of God. At that time he experienced unbroken fellowship with Him. But when he chose to disobey the standard that God had placed there to test him, he fell,1 and communion was broken. Man fell from the original glory that he had been created with, the glory of God.2 That seed of disobedience has been passed down from generation to generation causing everyone to inherit the inclination to do what they know is wrong.3 So it is true; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God as Paul said in Romans 3:23. We don’t quite make it do we? Like an arrow that isn’t shot with enough strength to enable it to reach its destination. It falls just shy of the mark. In some cases it doesn’t even come close. However, there are varying degrees of missing the mark in archery. If the archer doesn’t hit a dead bull’s-eye he may not come in first place, but this does not disqualify him from the game.
So fallen short means not all the way. It doesn’t mean fallen beyond the point of no return. A person must choose to go beyond that point. God will not force anyone to do anything against their will, in fact He will allow people to do what they desire,4 thus strengthening the good or evil that they already harbor inside of them. God loves mankind because we were created in His image. He didn’t forsake the human race after the fall because we still retained some of the original glory He created us with. This is why God made a second covenant with Adam and Eve.5 He knew Man had fallen short and He didn’t want him to fall all the way. He didn’t want people to loose the worth that still remained in them. If humanity had become totally depraved after the fall then why did God bother with giving us a conscience? During a man’s lifetime he would struggle to obey his conscience only to find out that all of his suffering was in vain, for God would have no mercy for anyone who had fallen short of His glory. That’s silly.
Since all men have sinned then all men must die once to pay for their sin.6 Then, according to Paul’s gospel, they will be fairly judged to see if they obeyed their conscience or not.7 If they sought to do good and suffered for the sake of righteousness then they will receive eternal life.8 If they were selfishly ambitious and did not obey the truth in their conscience then they will receive the just wages for their deeds.9 For all men will be judged fairly; the Jew and the Greek, the one who has heard the gospel and the one who hasn’t. For there is no partiality with God.10 Everyone that was never able to hear the good news proclaimed from a sent one,11 but lived by the everlasting covenant of conscience,12 will be granted a second life in the eternal nations.13 This confirms what we all thought as children…that God is not evil.
God desires to have compassion on anyone who is willing to do His will.14 However, He cannot excuse any sin. That is why everyone that sins must die once in an attempt to pay for their own sin in death.15 Only the Holy have passed out of death and into eternal life in this age.16 They fell short like everyone else but they heard and responded to the good news17 proving that they were willing to do His will.18 Receiving faith that Yahshua suffered for them in death they have abandoned their lives in this present world system19 and have been totally immersed into every social aspect of the tribal life of Israel.20 They are not conformed to the teachings and principles of the world but are set apart to re-present His kind and loving nature to the nations of the earth.21
It doesn’t take a biblical scholar to look out the window and see that Man has definitely fallen from his created purpose. That is obvious. But we can not let ourselves be deceived by the ruler of this world into thinking that God is not fair and that He will not judge every person without prejudice.22 Just remember, God is the one who justifies.23 So who could it be that is so eager to condemn?

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