Loneliness... A Symptom of the Fatal Flaw

Perhaps you have caught a glimpse of her pale, sad face peering at you from behind her curtains as you passed her home.

Perhaps you know her. Does she haunt you, too? Maybe your own name is "Eleanor Rigby" but you're too ashamed to admit it. Many of us were, too.

Emptiness leads to powerful insatiable cravings...
We were meant to be to be filled with something.
When we fail to be filled with the pursuit of
sincerety and truth, something else must take it's place...

Today, the ancient values that should be exalted have been undermined and replaced with cheap counterfeit distractions.  But, its not the fault of the mega-corporations and their slick marketing techniques.  Heart hunger comes from the gaping absence of essential values that make up life.     Purpose has been lost, so dissipation floods in. Dignity has been lost, so vanity floods in. Where warmth and kindness are absent, promiscuity and sensuality seduce us, only to strip us of what we had left of our trust and sanity.  Without true wisdom, we are left wide open to become hosts for useless trivia, and shifting fads...  Mere sponges for information.  As we no longer fight with vigilance for true justice, our lives become engrossed in a myriad of petty pastimes to combat our tormenting boredom.  As mercy and forgiveness have long been forsaken, we find a disposable society, with disposable friendships and long trails of cheap words and broken promises. So here we are -- tipsy and delirious, in an altered state.  Humanity is sick.  We need healing.  We need a real healer...
    We were those who had a deep yearning in our hearts to find a place we could call "home".  Some of us came from good families.  Some of us had a miserable home life...  No matter where we came from, we couldn't silence the longing we felt in our hearts that there was something more to life.  We wanted to escape from the self-seeking pursuits that we knew couldn't fulfill us.  Even more than that -- we wanted a way out of the guilt and misery we felt within ourselves.  We needed a place to belong...
    We who write this have found a real hope and a life that does not disappoint and leave us empty. We found the place to be healed, a place to learn to be filled with love and virtue, a place to be consumed with loving others and a place to be forgiven. We are now fulfilled.  This is our invitation for you to come and see if you might find fulfillment too!

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