The Light to the World?


  • 30% of “born-again” Christians say living together, gay sex, sexual fantasies, and viewing pornography are morally appropriate behaviors.

  • 30% of Christians have been divorced since becoming Christians (“born-again” Christians and non-Christians have essentially the same probability of divorce).1

  • 37% of pastors say online pornography is a current struggle for them.2

Have you ever wondered why study after study has consistently shown that the moral behavior of millions of “born-again” Christians today is no better, and perhaps worse, than the secular world around them? They aren’t saved from the wicked and perverse generation they live in because they have neither heard nor heeded the so-called "hard words" of the gospel. They remain a part of this perverse generation, sinking ever deeper in the mire.

  • 1. The first two statistics are from: Barna Research, “Year’s Most Intriguing Findings”, 2001
  • 2. Christianity Today, “Leadership Survey”, 2001

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