In Security

From the time we are born we learn to seek security in our relationships — parents and children, family and friends, husbands and wives. Beyond these fundamental human relationships that are the building blocks of our lives, we become dependent upon such things as our education or career, home or lifestyle, financial independence or insurance policies, our philosophies or politics. We are trained to take our identity in the careers or lifestyles we choose. Consciously or unintentionally, we tend to draw our security from the patterns we see around us. It is only natural. Everybody does it. Human nature relies on such assurances as basic and essential for survival. Seeking security in these things is second nature no matter what you like, what your background is or what your opportunities in life might be.
We seek the security of this world because we are all looking for these things to give us confidence and certainty that our life can have a consequential effect to make us happy. We look for safety, a little shelter from the storms that we face every day. We seek freedom from worry and protection from harmful, hurtful relationships.
All of us in the Community have come to see that in reality there is no security, no genuine protection and safety, in any of these things that promise it. Instead we have found true comfort and real security in the life of restoration that we experience in 1 and that we speak of in this paper.
Many of us spent a lot of years searching for a meaningful life and for healthy relationships in the city, the suburbs or on twenty acres in the country. We looked for fulfillment and satisfaction, only to discover that these illusions of promise locked us into a life of compromise and merely coping. Often our possessions soothed and satisfied our senses and make life bearable, while careers and intellectual pursuits fed our insatiable minds. But God has instructed us differently. He teaches us not to worry or be anxious about what we will eat or wear. He promises us that if we seek Him first and desire His goodness above all else, that He will see to it that we get what we need.2
What is it that keeps us from seeking our security in God? What keeps us from living the life that 3 called people to live? Many people are left unsatisfied with the things and pursuits of this world and in that dissatisfaction are looking for answers in some form of religion or spirituality. But is what they find able to satisfy any better? Many are burned out from their experiences with Christianity or other religions. Maybe we just don’t know yet what to look for or where to find it.
People have looked everywhere and tried everything to find the security that the thirsting human heart longs for. Many have given up trying to find that assurance, that freedom from anxiety and worry, that brings rest and peace, not in the mind but in the spirit. Others still search but no longer know where to look. Perhaps they no longer have the ability to trust because they have been left wanting so many times. But the truth is that to know God is to trust Him totally. Without that child-like absolute trust, coming to know God is an elusive and futile pursuit.
When our Master 4 lived on earth, He understood this plight perfectly because He knew the nature of man, and He understood how people seek security in the world. He came to establish a new society where all our damaged relationships could be restored. He called this new society a kingdom, a new nation, a family made up of Yahshua's followers, His students and emissaries. Entrance into this new society was not meant to be a cop-out from the deep problems and complexities of life. It was something well thought out. It was the solution to the imponderables, a life to be immersed in, a purpose to embark upon that would be a light to all the nations of the earth, a seed that would grow and fill the whole earth.
Yahshua knew that all of us would experience tremendous fear and be shocked to the core of our being when we discovered that to have this new life we had to utterly abandon and literally give up all the security that we acquired in our lifetime, leave it all behind, and begin to put all our trust in Him. Instead, we would get our security from heaven. We would get our values from His words and instructions to us. We would have to begin to trust Him to meet all our needs and use whatever wealth we had to build this new nation. What an inspirational calling! What an awesome cost!
Today, as during His lifetime, He is not looking for individuals who are willing to forsake everything, but for those who will actually do it — give it all up for Him — just like He did for us! That is the cost — everything. There is no shortcut. His encouragement to all men is,

Do not be afraid, little flock [to forsake everything, all your possessions], for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom [this new nation of those who have given all]. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:32-34)

Our hearts must be His. Everything else follows. Where is your treasure? Where does all your time and energy go? What fills the recesses of your soul? What do you long for?
If you are one whose heart longs to know the living and true God or who wants to know how to follow the gospel that 5 preaches in this day and age, you must not be afraid to obey His word. We have come to discover the truth of God's kind intentions towards us. The reason not to fear is because it is His good pleasure to give us His kingdom. He wants everything good for us, but if we continue to seek out security by what seems right according to our own judgment, instead of being obedient to Him, we will not know His security. It is impossible because our Master said, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and riches.”6
We were once afraid and skeptical too, mistrusting and deceived by our own understanding and the deception of the world's purveyors. But we have come to know the reality that He is the hope that does not disappoint. It costs everything and what you receive is not the kind of merchandise that ever goes on sale. It is a precious jewel that is priceless and enduring.
Yahshua did not want any of us who have been disappointed so many times in the past to be afraid to lose everything — even those who tried to give it all in the past. He wants us not to be afraid to trust Him. His promise was to give us a new society in which all we have can be used to build it up, to establish a corporate life, a restored life, a model or demonstration of the life that we were all created for. This life is founded in love, because 7, our Master, is love perfected. This love is going to fill the entire earth in the age to come. It is the very life that will be a light to every nation in this day where men see only darkness. This light is the evidence of a life and a purpose that proves how worthy Yahshua is. It is a life worth giving up all to possess. Yahshua made this very clear when He said, “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.”8
This is the challenge. Are you willing and able to trust? Is there anything left in your heart to trust? Does any vestige of hope remain in your heart, or has disappointment, skepticism and mistrust robbed your soul of its desire to find something worthy of your trust? Yahshua proved that He alone is worthy. His promise is sure. You are worthy of this precious pearl only if your heart is willing to pay the price.
This challenge, this reality, confronted each and every one of us at a different time and place, with circumstances unique to each of us. One at a time we surrendered. Because we did, by giving up all the things we took security in, we met the terms of peace with our Sovereign God. We took the risk and came out of the fortified bunkers of our lives in a collapsing social order. We left it all behind. Now our hope is sure. We are on the path. The light is growing brighter.
Trusting Yahshua and exerting our wills to follow and obey His word is something that all of us in the Community, all of us who have written you in this paper, have in common. It is something to be cherished if you have it and if you don’t, we can help you find it. As I reflect upon my own life and the lives of my brothers and sisters around me, I marvel with thanksgiving that some seed of trust was preserved in each of our hearts so that we were able to follow Him. It is salvation. It works. You can know it too, if it is your heart to be His.

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