If it Ain't According to the Rules, it Ain't Marriage

Marriage, what a beautiful gem you are! Founded from the beginning, crafted with precision and grace, from you comes the miracle of life. Hidden within you are the secrets to a healthy family and happy children. Why have you been challenged and forgotten? If you are remembered then your covenant will not be broken. Remind us who you are!
I see you written about in Genesis,[1] there to protect us when we were in trouble. Like the railing of a ship, you are there to keep us safe, within the boundaries.
To the man God said he must provide for his wife and rule his family with care.To the woman God said she must bear children in pain, desiring her husband and letting him rule over her. To both He said they shall leave their father’s house and become one flesh, a new social unit.
Later in time God said a man shall love his wife as Messiah loved the Church.He shall wash her with the Word and keep her sanctified.[2] He shall nourish her and love her as his own body, being ready to die for her. He shall also live with her in an understanding way so his prayers won’t be hindered.[3] The woman shall respect her husband and submit to him as the Church submits to Messiah. She shall honor him.
To embrace a covenant, we must embrace what it is. Does marriage require anything besides saying, “I do”? Yes! To marry requires obedience, respect, and love. Likewise, does believing require anything besides saying, “I do”? Yes! Believing requires obedience also. Believing is central to being married to Messiah. Believing entails obeying the gospel.[4] What Messiah said in John 3:36,[5] “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him,” proves there is no practical difference between believing and obeying. Believers in Messiah believe and do what He says, if they love Him.
Many Christians vehemently argue against this simple truth. Amazing, isn’t it? Not only is it clearly in the Word, but it is common sense. Isn’t it amazing how these concepts can form and grow so strong in people, even though it’s so contradictory to the simple truth? Do people really think they can shine God on like that? Can you imagine telling your wife that you love her but that you don’t want to live with her? Or can you imagine telling your husband he is your head, but you will only obey him if you agree with what he says? Can you imagine telling God you believe in Him but you don’t need to obey His commandments?
Marriage has to do with ruling, submitting, loving, and respecting. If a wife doesn’t submit to her husband as to the Lord (for the husband is the head of his wife as Christ also is the head of the church),[6] then it isn’t a marriage. If believing isn’t John 14:21,[7] then it isn’t believing. If the Church isn’t John 12:25-26,[8] then it isn’t the Church. If you don’t do the deeds of Abraham, then you aren’t the seed of Abraham.[9] If the Church isn’t submitting to Messiah, it isn’t going to be His bride when He returns.[10]
The one who claims to know Him but doesn’t keep His word is a liar and the truth ain’t in him.[11]

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