My Friends Call Me Gladheart

I wish I could tell you a story
about giants, and monsters, and flying saucers.
then you would listen to me, I think...
then you would say, “Wow, that sounds cool...”

I wish I could tell you about bolts of lightning, flashing signs in the sky,
or maybe about kaleidoscopes of colors that point the way...
then you would listen and smile...

I wish I could make up a tale that would scare you and shake you
and burst open your heart...
then maybe you'd listen, yes, get really excited
and understand my heart.

Perhaps my simple story will grab your interest
and hold your attention
and you'll listen and smile and say, “Wow!”

If you are one who can hear the tiny voice within a gentle breeze,
and who looks for the faint rainbow after the shower,
and can tell that each unique wildflower must be made
by the hand of God, and who needs a true friend,
and knows there are none to be found...

Then this simple story I have to tell is for you.
It is the story of how, and when, and most important, why.
Lend your ear then, my friend, and I'll share my heart...
for I have the key that unlocks the door to a beautiful garden...

My Friends Call Me Gladheart

Have you ever heard someone say
i'm so Thankful to the God of heaven,
for all he is and all he does?
Has it ever been throughout the history
of this planet,
That someone loved him with all
Their heart and devoted their life
to being under his loving
kind influence?
Everyone will almost universally say,
“Well, God is love.”
This may be a good way to begin to explain
his nature
but how can we explain how we who were
created in his image have so many
awful attitudes and problems
and are capable of all sorts of wrong-doing?
How is it we can fear another human being
or maybe someone is afraid of us.
No one ever taught me
how to lie or cheat, steal
but somehow these things I've done
well many times
and stuff about God never entered
into my heart.
Anyone who ever spoke to me about God
was so weird that i feared this God
having anything to do with who i am.
Who made the stars or the sky so big —
Whose idea was it for babies to come
out of women,
Why couldn't they just be found under rocks?
How come you get better when you get hurt
And you can laugh or you can cry —
Why is blue such a nice color for the sky
How is it, i know wrong from right
and all my life i have known what to conceal
or what to reveal —
Why has it always hurt me
when someone didn't like me
You're supposed to say thank you —
so i did
so i didn't —
They were just words that made me look polite
To be honest my life was worth not much
i've done everything except kill myself
and my thought-life is guilty
of unrevealable garbage.
i wanted something
and i want to have something
i wanted power
The kind of power that lets you love-
does it come from heaven or heroin
should i be gay or a Catholic priest
do i need tofu — fruit — raw veggies
or is beef ok
what must i do to have the power of life
no one ever showed it to me and i didn't have it
but somehow i want courage to be
who i was created to be
Ok — the search is this
Find Love.
My heart is this —
if you find love you'll find God
Where is Love
Years rolled by and all i know is where love wasn't
but i have courage to keep looking
cause i have a hope
a hope that love will change me
because nothing has changed me
not presents, gifts
not pain, nor money or relationships
and the music keeps me from listening to my heart
And your songs don't answer my question
And you sell your music
And you're rich and miserable
And i'm miserable and miserable
i hate the way things are
and i have hated the way they happen
And people hate me
for what i've put on them —
i have failed at everything except failing
My hope is this —
i want to change
and no one is saying you need to change
In fact they assure me i'm ok
but even they aren't
It's not money
and i always come down from drugs
The band always goes home without me
and my life is injured
and i don't think God wants people
to be like i am
Travel — so i do that
and i'm so cool i don't even want
to know where i am, cause i don't like
The crap of well, i was here
and i've been there
and i wear places on my shirts
like an old soldier wearing
a too tight uniform.
What does it matter
where i have been,
i'm miserable
and my life is lacking purpose
i want to be happy right here with who i am
and what i am doing —
And i want to love people
and i don't know how
and i'm sad cause something is missing in me.
When i was young, a boy was crippled from polio
People said he ate from the cat's dish
and that's why he couldn't walk
i thought that was stupid
even though adults told me that.
And they told me
the sandman put sand in my eyes
to make me sleepy
That the tooth fairy would give me a quarter
for a tooth put under my pillow
and Santa Claus was watching
and that trolls lived
under the bridge up the road
and Jesus died for my sins —
Adults told me these things
when i was a child
i'm a jerk
but i suffer
to have a meaningful existence
i've never met anyone who i want to be like
and no one wants to be like me
i'm not happy
maybe someone dead could come live
in me
— a famous poet who still
has something to say
— or someone
And you see how lost i am
i want to change
And you, Mr. Yogi man,
you say you will help me
but why do you charge
And why don't you pick the thorns off the
and give them to me
i don't want to worship man
or creation
but i want to be in touch with the Creator
i want to know the one who put the spin
on this marvelous planet.
i want to behold the one who holds life
the one who inspires Love
i want a peace
knowing he loves me
and i want to love him
because i want to love you
And this is love
and i want to love.
Look i want to love others
i want a kindness that won't expire
Nothing is more important
to me than this —
My mark in life — Love
You can see how haunted i am by what i'm not
And my hope
My hope didn't disappoint me
because i wanted love
And we all agree
God is Love
he found me
and i believed him
because people who spoke to me about him
loved me
They loved me enough to ask me to live with them
They loved me enough to fix my teeth
and help heal my damaged life
So they had great credibility to speak
words of life to me because of Love
Love is everything
and someone loved me so i could have love
Yahshua is the one who was looking for me
he gave up his life so i could have
my heart's desire
to be grateful and in love
Alive(— not dead)— and in Love
P.S. My search is over
i have been joined to life
And my friends call me Gladheart.

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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