The Education of Our Children

My name is Elizabeth Pimpare. My husband and I came here 20 years ago and have raised three daughters who are also here and raising families. Before coming here, I was a special education teacher and taught in public schools. I have taught children and written curriculum for our children’s academic education for most of my 20 years in the communities.
I would like to emphasize the fact that our children’s academic training is of great importance to us. They are taught all language skills (reading, writing, and communication), mathematics, history, science, geography, music, art and physical education. I serve as an evaluator for our children in New Hampshire and New York, working with and reporting to the local school home-schooling department. In New York, we submit an "Individual Home Instruction Plan" at the beginning of the school year, give four quarterly reports, and a year-end evaluation.
We are continually developing our apprenticeship program for our older children. We believe strongly in giving them a solid academic foundation in which their own God-given individualistic gifting and talents can be built upon.
Apprenticeship is vital to our children as they make the transition from childhood to youth to adulthood and are integrated into our lives.
The fruit is obvious – public education is failing to produce responsible adults. The bad tree is bearing bad fruit. Sadly, today’s children are becoming more and more unstable. We choose the harder path and train our children ourselves instead of relying on this system. We are determined and devoted to instill the dignity, security, and worth into our children that they so richly deserve and desire.

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We train our children in our own homes. We have developed our own curriculum, designed to meet our children's needs. We report our children's educational progress to the state regularly in recognition of their right to know that our children are being educated.

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