The apples in the bucket

"Ok Helez, we are finished for today. Now you can go outside and play“, the friendly coach informed. So what now? At home he always helped on the farm after school, but now he does not really know what to do with himself. Fortunately two other boys are roaming around in the garden of the orphanage and they have a good idea – there is an apple tree! Soon the little apples are flying through the air – until the educator shows up disgruntled and puts an end to the fun.

“You know that you are not supposed to throw apples. First of all this is food, and there are there is the window glass and besides someone could get hurt. As a punishment each one of you has to pick up a bucket of apples now!”


Helez finally grabs a big bucket and heads out.

“This bucket is so big, you only have to fill it half”, the educator instructs him as he is going out the door. The other boys are still contending with their fate.

“Pah, I am not going to pick up apples in the dark.”

“These stupid apples, no one wants to eat them anyway …”

The other youth of the group slowly appear, attracted by the lively discussion about the apples. Finally the other two agree to accept their punishment and at that moment Helez reappears with his bucket.

“Good, you can fill up his bucket” the educator says triumphantly. She is relieved because she managed to get the boys to accept her authority.

“That does not work” Helez responds in his usual calm manner.

“Why not?”
“Because the bucket is already full.”

Astonished everyone stares at him with open mouths. The educator interrupts the silence with the question that is on everybody’s mind:

“Why did you do that?”

“Well, I did not behave right and so I have to bear the consequences for it.”


Helez was brought to this institution against his will six weeks ago, because his parents are suspect of a wrong child rearing concept. But the apples in the bucket say it all. You can recognize the tree by the apples …

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