Amidah's Testimony

The agony and desperation within my soul is indescribable at this point concerning where this dying world is at. I'm sure some would think it is the farthest thing from dying, but if a father is not allowed to be a father anymore and a son knows no longer to whom he belongs -- who desired and longed for him before he was even born, and then treasured and affectionately loved and cared for -- then this surely has become a dark, perverse, and dying world. A world of degraded human beings wondering why they are alive.

I say this because I know how very blessed I am to have true parents who not only conceived and bore me but raised me up to be a useful person with a fully functioning conscience and soul so I could realize when I hurt people and then to make it right. They raised me to have the character it takes to endure the suffering life brings and still be kind -- to be all the ways you would want someone to be.

That training started out young with the unfailing love my parents had for me, never ever leaving me alone, always tending to my needs, developing a deep relationship between us from the love we shared. They taught me what was pleasing to them and what was selfish and what hurt and displeased them. I always felt secure knowing I could please them and that they were there for me without fail every single day. They were loving, caring teachers, guides, and friends through every stage of life and every hardship, training me to do what was right and disciplining me when I did wrong. The disobedience caused me to feel alienated because I felt the loss of the sweet parent/child fellowship we shared.

Before I even knew that proverb was in the Bible, 13:24, "He who spares his rod hates his son but he who loves him disciplines him promptly," that it was the word of God, I would have known that that is what God said about child rearing. For when you think of God, you're thinking of someone you can call on when everyone else has failed you, so He must know you, have desired you, have a plan for you, and a way He wants you to be to reflect Him. But here I am, 19 years old, thinking back on all those years of childhood and youth knowing if I hadn't had that strong confirmation of who I was and what I was living for, the powerful bond of love that was built between us from a baby until now (and will continue on), I would have had nothing to withstand the other silly causes to waste one's life on for a moment. Wasted moments become wasted lives is what I see.

So this is what causes me anguish, to realize that the fatherly rights for raising a child in love and security are being stolen from them. What pain will every human now have to face in their teenage years for lack of love? Will the world really become so dark that no one can see any longer what true love and goodness is? Will it become so godless that it is too cruel for human life to exist because love went extinct?

Well, before the truth can get its boots on, a lie has made its way around the world. But only a liar will believe a lie. If you have heard contrary news and opinions about God's commands on raising children, please consider before believing a lie and being another tool yourself making the next generation and this world darker than it already is.

How many years will they have to ruin trying to become the hero they cannot be? How many drugs will they have to take to forget the agony and distress their soul is in? How many babies will they have to abort, saying it was just a mistake? How many people will they have to kill before they can be like the serial killer they saw in a movie...just looking for an identity. How many tears will they have to cry when they realize they've wasted their life in vain pursuits, asking themselves why no one ever cared enough to teach them? But now they go worse than they came.

Chasten your son while there is hope and do not set your heart on his destruction. (Proverbs 19:18)

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

~ Amidah

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